Earth Day Ideas for Work: Starting with Small, Sustainable Steps

Wondering how to celebrate Earth Day at work? Just looking for ways to help the planet shows you’re taking a step in the right direction. Let’s take that momentum and use it to affect meaningful change. Our Earth Day office ideas will help spread good vibes among your team and customers. So not only will these Earth Day ideas for work be simple and sustainable, they’ll also motivate those around you to start making changes of their own.  

Paper Receipts: So Passé

Encourage employees and customers to be conscious of paper waste. Ask customers to accept an email or text receipt, and to sign documents virtually with an e-signature tool. 

Give Consumers the Chance to Help

Recent research by Simon-Kucher & Partners shows us that one third of consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products. Sustainability is fast becoming the expectation of consumers, not the exception—especially among younger generations. Offer customers product that are earth friendly and offer shipping and delivery methods that are more fuel-efficient, including slower travel and combining orders.  

It’s Cool to Compost

Add a compost pail to your office’s shared kitchen area. (Tip: Choose a pail with a tight-fitting lid and/or a charcoal filter—your employees will thank you.) If your neighborhood doesn’t have organics recycling, research drop-off bins at local community gardens and farmers markets. Make eco-friendly part of your corporate culture by incentivizing employees to sign up for “compost drop off” duty, with perks like time off or a donation to the charity of their choice.  

Make the “Switch” to Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

Small steps encourage your team and customers to take eco-friendly steps of their own and reinforces a sense of community around going green. Replace standard light bulbs with longer-lasting, energy- efficient LED lights. Announce the switch, and let customers and employees know what you’re doing with the savings—contributing to a non-profit or investing in other renewable energy sources.   

Work from Home and Hug Mother Nature

Set up a WFH (Work from Home) schedule that works for your small business while helping employees reduce emissions and save energy by working from home once a week, once a month, or whatever schedule works for you and them.  

Encourage Carpooling Among Employees

For ways to celebrate Earth Day at the office, reducing car use is a no brainer. Sure, we all know carpooling saves on gas, but it’s hard to give up old habits, including car independence. So when your employer gives you a good reason to get on a bike or in the carpool lane, this Earth Day message starts to hit home. Use Earth Day to kick off an incentive program for carpoolers and users of other eco-friendly transportation like bikes and buses. Designated parking spots, monthly prizes, and gift certificates for participants help make eco-friendly commuting a part of your business culture.   

Take a Lunch Break, Save the Earth

Whether they’re working from home, commuting, or taking a wellness day at the park or the pool, express gratitude to employees and customers with a reusable lunch box or cooler bag. Encourage a homemade meal, a snack outside, or much-deserved R&R in the great outdoors.  

Make a Purchase, Get a Plant

Make it fun for customers to think lovingly about Mother Earth, with a planter kit with every purchase. Leave one on every employee’s desk for Earth Day sweetness they can see every day. These kits are affordable and forge a lasting, eco-friendly connection between you and your target audience. 

Put your Money Where Their Mouth Is with Reusable Drinkware

Hand employees and customers a reusable tumbler, customized with your logo and an earth-loving message. Offer a discount to customers who bring their own tumbler.  

Single-Use Bags Are Bananas!

Attach your name to reducing and reusing with reusable shopping bags, customized with your name, of course. Provide them free of charge to customers and employees and let them know you’re investing in being Earth-friendly, too.  

With an Earth So Kind It’s Easy to Give Back

No matter how big or small your effort, Earth Day ideas for work spread well beyond a single day. Every move toward healthier air, plants, animals, and humans, is a step in the right direction, whether it’s an Earth Day giveaway idea or an incentive to reduce, reuse, or recycle. As a small business, your customers look to you as a leader and influencer within your community. Help spread the word while feeling good and staying within budget. Hug a tree, hug a pet, or heck—hug a customer (ask first). Happy Earth Day one and all! 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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