Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Ahhh, Black Friday. The day you heave your turkey-laden body out the door to battle for the best deals. (Or park it on the couch and click around ‘til your hand is numb). If the mere mention of Black Friday makes you start twitching, we get it. What was originally set up to drum up business has devolved into long lines, dueling sales, and unfortunately, unhappy customers.

But, why does it have to be that way? We believe that it doesn’t have to be, especially for those who own their own small businesses. So, let’s take back the day and make it something customers enjoy taking part in.

Here are our top Black Friday ideas for small businesses.

Stop the Madness


Our first Black Friday marketing idea is: in the sea of craziness, be a rock. And by rock, we mean a really calming space that welcomes people to take a moment to relax. Offer soothing beverages (we’re looking at you, Earl Grey), quiet music, and a break from neon sale signs. You can even go the extra mile and place stress balls or adult coloring books around your store. A yoga mat, perhaps? Too much?

Make It Personal


You know what you can offer that bigger stores can’t? Personal, one-on-one service. On a day where customers sometimes feel lost in the massive crowd, you can make them feel special and cared for. Ask them what they’re looking for, who they’re shopping for, or if they need it gift wrapped. This is what will make them keep coming back, and what makes this possibly our most important Black Friday idea for small businesses.

Create Curated Shops


Our next Black Friday promotional idea is for the businesses that sell a mix of products. Help customers find what they’re looking for by creating smaller, curated “shops” for different gift recipients. Maybe it’s a section of products for people who love to cook or maybe it’s a section of t-shirts with similar designs. Basically, make it easy for customers to get what they want without having a breakdown. They’ll appreciate that, promise.

Bring ‘Em Out with In-Store Deals


We’re not out of Black Friday marketing ideas yet, don’t you worry. Since many people are shopping online, the best way to get them into your store is with in-store offers. Maybe offer a free item or a $5 gift card towards their next purchase (hello, repeat buyer!). And, if you plan on taking our Black Friday ideas for small businesses from the first section, let them know that if they come into your store, you’ll have beverages and a relaxing environment waiting.

Get Social


It wouldn’t be a blog about Black Friday marketing ideas without talking about social media. Whether you’ve found that Facebook works best for your business or if Instagram is more your thing, it’s the place to let customers know about those in-store deals we were just talking about. Social media is also a great place to engage with your customers and answer any questions they may have about what’s in stock, on sale, or new for the season.

That’s just a few Black Friday ideas for small businesses to get you going—and we hope they do! Is Small Business Saturday more your thing? No problem, we’ve got plenty of last-minute tips to make it your best one yet.

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