Brand Highlight: Paper Mate®

Everyone loves a reliable pen, and if you’re a business owner handing out custom pens, you want your name on a pen that’s destined to become their favorite. That’s where Paper Mate® pens come into play! Learn the history of Paper Mate, the company’s that’s been delivering a quick-drying, reliable, comfortable writing experience for decades. We’ll also highlight the two most popular Paper Mate pen styles and the latest versions of each.  

Paper Mate® Pen History

This truly steadfast company was started in 1940 by one Patrick J. Frawley. A few fun facts about Frawley: Born in 1923 in Nicaragua, to an Irish-born father and a French-Spanish mother. He grew up in San Francisco, served in WWII, struggled with alcohol, and was a devout Catholic. This Nicaraguan-American entrepreneur and business magnate built a portfolio that included stationery and pen products, along with publishing and film production. Fidel Castro took over one of his factories in Cuba in 1958. At the time of his passing in 1998, he had 20 grandkids. And in the midst of all that, the now ubiquitous Paper Mate® Pen was born! 

What Everyone Loves About the Paper Mate Brand

The company’s many successes include the creation of Eraser Mate® erasable ink pens in 1979, and the introduction of biodegradable pens, pencils, and erasers in 2010. But the all-stars were and remain the classic Paper Mate® ballpoint pen and the innovative Paper Mate InkJoy® gel pen.  

Paper Mate Ballpoint Pen:

In 1949, the then-named Frawley Pen Company developed an ink that dried instantly. The pen that delivered this instant-drying, non-leaking ink was introduced in 1950 and called “The Paper Mate.” The company claims this was the first pen with a retractable ballpoint tip. At the time, the company was named the Frawley Pen Company, but the name was changed to Paper Mate® Pen Company, due to the wild success of the quick-drying, non-leaking Paper Mate ballpoint pen. 

Paper Mate Inkjoy® Gel Pen:

First introduced in 2016, Inkjoy® gel pens are one of the most popular gel pens on the market today. Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens were designed to be a more user-friendly version of traditional gel pens, boasting: 

  • Quick-drying ink (dries 3x faster than other gel pens) to reduce smearing and smudging
  • Easy and convenient click-action design
  • Full color range from business-friendly black to creative hues like lavender and teal
  • Soft rubber grip for extra comfort

Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens were an immediate success. In 2017, they were named one of Time magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year.” 

How to Use Paper Mate Pens to promote your Small Business

When you advertise your company, cause, or campaign on a Paper Mate pen, your name is associated with proven quality and reliability. As a result, you can count on your giveaway being kept close at hand and your name staying top of mind. Distribute customized Paper Mate pens for all kinds of occasions: 

  • Welcome new clients, students, and employees
  • Leave guests with a keepsake they’ll keep
  • Kick-off seminars, expos, and brainstorm sessions with a custom pen that will get the ideas flowing

Popular Paper Mate Products to Customize

Consider these customer favorites when you’re looking for a pen to advertise your business and elevate your brand: 

InkJoy Gel Ink:

  • Paper Mate® InkJoy Quatro Pen: No need to switch pens while taking notes, journaling, or doodling the next masterpiece thanks to this multi-ink style.

Ballpoint Ink:

Paper Mate Pens Are Built to Last—and Build Your Brand

Leverage the staying power reflected in the Paper Mate pen history and brand to promote your own. Shop our full collection of Paper Mate promotional pens to find the ink, design, and price point that suit your brand and budget.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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