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Brand Highlight: Post-It® Notes Brand

Everyone knows Post-It® Notes, and everyone has used them at some point or another. You likely have at least one stack of them somewhere in your home office! But do you know why they’re so popular, or how they became the office staple they are? Learn all about the Post-It brand and how you can use it to promote your own company. 

Who Invented Post-It Notes?

Like many great inventions, Post-Its started with a fail. In 1968, inventor Spencer Silver was attempting to create an adhesive strong enough to use in aircraft construction¹. Instead, he made an adhesive that was weak and pressure-sensitive. Then he failed repeatedly to find an application for it; he even tried using it for a sort of sticky bulletin board, but that sticky side collected dust too quickly to stay sticky for long².  

Then in 1974, Silver’s friend Art Fry approached him with a problem. His bookmarks that he used to keep track of songs in his hymnal kept falling out. And so, the first Post-It note was made into a bookmark, but even this wasn’t enough to get his product off the shelf with his employer, 3M. 

Silver and Fry worked together, pushing for the growth of the product while using it frequently themselves in the office. Finally, in 1977, the then called “Press n’ Peel” was launched to an underwhelming market reception. Only after years of aggressive marketing did the rebranded “Post-It Note” finally take off in 1960. Today, Silver enjoys seeing his product become a cultural phenomenon3, as necessary in the office as paperclips and staplers.

What Makes Post-It Notes So Popular?

There are two things about Post-It Notes that make them so appealing to consumers: 

  1. Widely Applicable: Customers can use them to do the obvious, take notes, or they can cover their coworker’s entire workspace in them. They can make complex origami art, put reminders on every surface, leave passive-aggressive notes for roommates, organize notes in a rented textbook, and more.
  1. Convenience: Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Post-It Notes are an easy way to add non-permanent labels and notes to anything. Customers can keep them on their desk, tuck a stack in their purse, stick a stack to the refrigerator, etc.
  1. Tidy: Because Post-It Notes leave no residue, customers can use them anytime, anywhere, on anything with absolutely no risk. This is what makes them so perfect for both professional use and pranks!

How You Can Use Post-It Notes Promotional Products

Because Post-It Notes are an office essential, there are two major ways custom Post-It Notes can benefit your business: 

  • Internal Use: Having your custom logo on the stationary used around the office adds a sense of professionalism that employees and clients both appreciate. After all, when you have Post-Its posted all around the office, it’s better to be showing off your unique branding style than someone else’s.
  • Promotional Gifts: Have you ever bought your own set of lined post it paper? Most customers get the Post-Its used around the house as gifts from companies, and these gifts get heavy use for grocery lists, personal reminders, and keeping track of your company’s contact info. These are also tasteful gifts for professional settings such as conferences, trade shows, and client meetings.

Custom Post-It Notes Products

Full Color 3 3/8”x 3 3/8”x 3 3/8” Cube Post-it® Notes

This three-dimensional piece of art is a great gift for any occasion. Featuring your custom branding in brilliant full color on all four sides, this Custom Post-It Note cube offers hundreds of notes for lasting brand visibility. A great gift and desk decoration, customers and employees alike love these cubes. 

25 Sheet 6″ x 10″ Post-it® Custom Printed Organizational Notes

This delightful Post-It offers a full custom print! With a full bleed for stylish note taking, these Post-Its make an excellent giveaway that stands out wherever your customers post it. Create your own post-able schedule as shown, or create your own unique design to make your custom branding pop. 

Full Color 4”x 6” 50-Sheet Post-it® Notes

Everyone needs a lined set of Post-Its in their life, whether it’s for list-making, jotting down quick messages, listing contact info, or just keeping your notes tidy on the page, every customer needs at least one of these in their life. Make your brand the one they keep close when you share these convenient note stacks. 

Full Color 3″x 2-7/8″ 50-Sheet Post-it® Notes

Tidy, tasteful, and bursting with color, these promotional Post-Its are a great way to offer lots of note-taking space while keeping your brand in sight. Compact and easy to take anywhere, these gifts are easy to share. Customize for your next trade show, employee giveaway, front desk handout, and more. 

Full Color Post-it® Highlighter with Flags

This highlighter offers the perfect two-in-one marking experience, with colorful ink for permanent highlighting and a secret dispenser of sticky flags for more removable notes. Choose from a variety of colors to match your branding style and mark your colors in the lives of your customers. 

The history of the Post-It brand is a classic accident-makes-success story that led to products as essential as the pen itself. With your brand on these office staples, customers will be sticking your brand up all over their homes and offices. Share your own Post-It Notes with customers and employees alike for a more professional (and more fun) place to do business. 


Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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