Brand Highlight: Tritan™ Brand

Looking for the latest and greatest in water bottles and tumblers? Turn to Tritan™. A piece of Tritan drinkware, customized with your logo, is a step ahead in form, function, and built-to-last branding. Tritan’s BPA-free and shatter-proof. It won’t cloud up or retain beverage odors or colors, so your recipient and your branding look sharp through endless dishwasher cycles, rough rides, and accidental drops. Whether it’s Tritan water bottles, customized Tritan tumblers, or even elegant (yes, elegant!) Tritan wine glasses, this brand knows how to make drinkware that’s aesthetically pleasing and nearly indestructible.  

Learn what’s behind the Tritan brand, why it’s so popular, and our best bets for Tritan drinkware products that keep your small business most visible. 

History of the Tritan Brand

Tritan is a copolymer plastic material introduced by Eastman Chemical Company in 2007. It was designed to replace polycarbonate, which is a plastic that contains Bisphenol A (BPA). A copolymer is a plastic whose properties have been modified through engineering. The modifications address particular mechanical needs, like glass transition temperature, durability, rigidity, energy absorption, and crack resistance. 

Since it hit the market, Tritan drinkware has been embraced as a safe alternative to BPA plastics and also as a superior material for a host of other reasons, such as strength, light weight, and resistance to odor and taste absorption. Tritan water bottles, tumblers, and other drinkware can be recycled by facilities that accept #7 plastics. 

What Everyone Loves About the Tritan Brand

Products made with Tritan plastic have a reputation that makes everyone feel a little better about their bottled beverage. If your name is on a piece of Tritan drinkware, you and your recipients can feel confident about a few key features: 

  • No After-Tastes or Lingering Odors: Over time, other plastics tend to absorb some of the taste or odors of beverages they hold, but this is not the case with Tritan plastic. It’s extremely resistant to staining and smell absorption because of its non-porous composition. Fill up that customized Tritan wine glass with red wine! Add the strongest coffee to your personalized Tritan tumbler. And don’t worry—your brand won’t be embarrassed!
  • No Clouding or Discoloring: Thinner and less sturdy plastics tend to cloud and absorb color over time, making them (and your branding) look less appealing. Not the case with a Tritan water bottle or other drinkware. Tritan plastic retains its original color, or clear color, without clouding.
  • Almost Unbreakable: Although Tritan plastic has the look of glass, its shatterproof composition makes it perfect for poolside, picnics, beach parties, and any gathering where fun’s on the menu and broken glass is not.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Tritan water bottles and other drinkware boast exceptional dishwasher durability. This means easier cleaning and also better sanitation. Tip: Sometimes we encourage washing our Tritan plastic products by hand in order to preserve the vibrancy of your imprint, or because of trim like bamboo or silicone that may not be dishwasher safe.

How You Can Use Tritan Promotional Products

Put the toughness of Tritan to work when you choose your next promotional drinkware. Add your logo or ad message to a Tritan tumbler, water bottle, or wine glass and watch your giveaway—and your small business—stand the test of time. We like these:  

Full Color 22 oz. Harlow Tritan Bottle: Your logo’s as bright as they come and this Tritan water bottle‘s as sturdy as can be. Even if it takes a tumble it won’t miss a beat in promoting your brand. 

Basecamp® Metro Tritan™ Water Bottle – 26 oz: For serious hydrating, including line markers plus a flip-top straw for sipping on a bike, on a trail, in the gym or on the go.  

16 oz. Nina Stemless Tritan™ Plastic Wine Glass: No glass allowed? No problem! Concerts in the park, twilight at the beach, or a neighborhood walk, this Tritan wine glass gets your brand in the mix. The snap-on lid with spill-resistant hole ensures sophisticated sipping without the splash.  

Encourage customers and employees to be as active as they want to be, with your brand in hand, when you choose Tritan drinkware for your next campaign.  

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Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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