Chinese New Year Marketing Ideas to Stir the Branding Hot Pot

If your New Year promotion plan includes Chinese New Year, you’re in good company! Our Chinese New Year marketing ideas promise to deliver targeted, budget-friendly branding around this festive holiday.  

Also known as Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year is a three-thousand-year-old tradition, and the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. The 15-day festival starts with the new moon on New Year’s Day and concludes with the full moon on the Lantern Festival. The timing of the holiday points to the end of winter and the beginning of spring. During Lunar New Year those of Chinese heritage, as well as other Asian cultures including Korean, Vietnamese, and more, gather with their friends and families to celebrate good life, good health, and good fortune ahead. Our Chinese New Year marketing ideas promise to help your customers celebrate while positioning your small business for good fortune. Enjoy Lunar New Year marketing ideas designed to make a difference.  

Every Ang Pow Packet Should Include a Promotion!

Traditionally ang pow (also called ang pao, or red envelopes) are distributed to children and young unmarried adults, as part of every Lunar New Year celebration. Red symbolizes good luck, life, happiness, and good fortune, and often the ubiquitous red envelopes contain a crisp one-dollar bill. If you own a child-friendly service, retail shop, or business, fill your red envelopes with a coupon or gift card and distribute to customers as part of your Lunar New Year promotion. 

Celebrate with Signage

Let your customers know you’re all aboard for a Chinese New Year that’s second to none! Your Chinese customers and others celebrating the Lunar New Year will appreciate a call out marking this very special occasion. Add a promotional sign to your business entrance or sidewalk, add a banner to your home page, or include a Chinese New Year promotion in your direct mail campaign.  

Make Your Promotion Part of Every Hot Pot

The traditional “Hot Pot” style of cooking, where diners gather around a communal “hot pot” and cook their food together, is popular at Lunar New Year celebrations. As revelers gather around the communal pot—chatting, laughing, and waiting for their food to cook—anything close by is sure to grab their eye. This is where a winning Chinese New Year marketing idea comes in. Distribute Lunar New Year products for your customers to use as they celebrate the Lunar New Year. Think of a customized red apron or bamboo cooking spoon.  

Make Sure Every Customer Leaves Your Store Seeing Red

Why red? One myth associated with Chinese New Year is that of a beast which shows up on the eve of every Lunar New Year, looking to eat people and animals. Legend has it that the color red scares away the beast. Red products that are commonly used for monster-scaring include red paper, red clothes, and burning bamboo and candles. Shoo, beast, shoo! 

Whether your business is a retail store, school, non-profit, or a business-to-business service provider, your customers will appreciate your effort in marking the importance of Lunar New Year with a Chinese New Year gift product. Your promotional giveaway can be as functional as a promotional red pen or as fun as a customized red stress ball! Whatever you choose, if you make it red and add your logo, you’re sure to be remembered when future purchasing decisions are made! 

Bring Good Fortune to Your Business with Lunar New Year Marketing Giveaways

These business gifts for Chinese New Year are perfect additions to your Lunar New Year promotion plans. Add your logo and Chinese New Year messaging, and distribute to customers, prospects, friends, and family. Our recommendations include products you can customize in red , as well as products made of bamboo. Bamboo is a symbol of beauty and the household plant called “lucky bamboo” is a popular element in any Lunar New Year celebration, representing positivity and perseverance. 

Panda Pen: Choose red trim and let this lucky bamboo pen bring good cheer and good fortune to your lucky recipients. 

Large Bamboo Cutting Board: Lunar New Year celebrations that involve the traditional Hot Pot meal require lots of chopping. Make sure your most valuable customers are well prepared with this bamboo cutting board. We recommend red for your imprint color.   

Eris Pen and Stylus Top: So shiny, so festive, so red! And the stylus top makes touch-free swiping on shared screens a snap! 

Soft Touch Harvey Pen: A see-through window grabs attention and your white logo stands out against the red rubberized finish.  

Non Woven Budget Shopper Tote: Send every customer out the door with a tote that promotes a happy Chinese New Year—as well as your business!  

14 oz. Tall Ceramic Campfire Mug: Put Lunar New Year Cheer on every desk with this charming, customized ceramic mug.  

16 oz. Britebrand™ Verano Colored Tumbler: Every guest should leave your Lunar New Year event with this customized, red colored tumbler as a keepsake.  

Reflections Wall Calendar: A new year requires a new calendar; come through with scenic  images for every month, and your name writ large along the bottom border! 

Chinese New Year Marketing Ideas: It’s Easy to Get Lucky!

Send good wishes in the form of a sign or banner. Offer a special discount. Distribute a themed gift to customers and event attendees. However you celebrate, you’re sure to secure a little bit of luck in the coming year when you help honor this uniquely rich and traditional holiday. 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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