Connecting with Customers on Social Media: 5 Business Tips during COVID-19

Staying connected is needed now more than ever. With so many people forced to stay home, companies are having to find creative ways to keep in touch with their customers. That’s where connecting with customers on social media can be a huge help.

Customers develop a relationship with the small businesses they frequent, and will gladly support them in ways that they can. However, if your customers can’t come to you, you need to go to them. Social media is a great way to reach customers where they are and keep them updated on your business.

5 Tips for Keeping in Touch with Customers

Let’s cover how to connect with customers using social media for business!

1. Post Important Updates About Store Hours and Services

First and foremost, you need your customers to know what’s going on with your shop. If you’re only open during reduced hours, make sure customers know when they can shop with you. For those businesses switching to drop-off or pick-up services only, clarify the new temporary way that customers can interact with your company.

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2. Do a Video Post Explaining the Safety Precautions Your Business is Taking

Customers may be worried about bringing things into their home right now. You can assuage those fears with an informational video about the steps you’re taking to ensure their health is in good (and clean) hands. Little videos showing the inside scoop on how your business is adapting and functioning can endear you to your audience and convey that your business is doing everything it can to continue bringing customers the products or services they love.

3. Use Polls on Social Media to Maintain Engagement

Get customers excited to purchase with you again by showing off your products. You can do polls on which product they like better, or even ask your customers’ opinion on new services you’re thinking about offering. As your company thinks about ways it can adapt and pivot, this is a great way to gauge audience response.

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4. Live Stream on Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to live stream videos so that you can do virtual Q & As with your customers in real time. You can update them on your business, show fun behind-the-scenes footage of your operation, let them ask you questions about your area of expertise, and so much more. This is a helpful tool for maintaining that (sort of) face-to-face dynamic that sets small businesses apart

5. Create Cultivated Lists to Help Customers

Let your brand’s personality shine through with cultivated lists on the best movies and shows to watch right now, 10 in-home workout routines you like, or the best music for reducing stress. You’ll want to stay in line with your brand image, but also not be afraid to do these lists that you wouldn’t normally post. This is about engagement, community outreach, and offering support—not selling. These little things help to build a relationship and loyalty with your customers, so that they can show you that same care and support in return when possible.

These simple outreach methods may not be the same as getting to see your regular customers in person, but they go a lot way in making sure you’re still connecting with customers on social media. If you want to learn even more about growing your business with social media, pick up a few tricks in our blog on Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses.

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