Creating Custom Product Labels & Stickers for Your Business

You’ve done it. You’ve figured out the perfect product. After months of subjecting friends and family to a variety of test products, you’re finally ready to take the winning formula to market. There’s just one last hurdle: packaging. How you brand your products, amazing as they are, has a huge impact on the success of sales. Custom product labels are a great way to showcase your branding without breaking your budget.

Using custom labels and stickers adds a personal touch to packaging. Whether you use custom printed oval labels to seal off to-go orders or include a full color sticker with every purchase, these small accents will create major visibility for your brand. We’ll cover some of the ways that you can use stickers and custom product labels to craft your brand’s aesthetic with every purchase.

3 Ways to Use Custom Product Labels & Stickers

1. Say It with a Sticker

Whether it’s a brand new item or a 50% off deal, you can use these custom stickers to call attention to your products. When customers see stickers on products, their curiosity is immediately piqued. Create that customer intrigue with custom printed oval labels that include the callout along with your company name.

2. Decorate Your Packaging

Fully customized packaging doesn’t come cheap, so how can you develop branded packaging on a budget? Use custom product labels! You can create custom full color labels with your company logo so that your packages match your aesthetic. Stickers come large and small, and in ovals, circles, and rectangles depending on your needs. If you have extra stickers, include them as giveaways. People love decorating their computers and reusable water bottles with the custom stickers of their favorite brands. There’s no better promotion than one that will literally stick with customers!

3. Replace Tape with Custom Labels

Use custom product labels and stickers as a fun way to dress up gift wrapping. This is especially great for adding a personal element of luxury when wrapping up clothes in a box. Set the items in a box lined with tissue paper. Then fold the excess tissue paper over the clothes, and attach the overlapped ends with your custom printed oval labels. Even if you simply use the labels to seal off custom bags or the paper on flower bouquets, these accents will bring a high-end flair to your customer’s shopping experience.

Are you ready to start branding your products with your own custom full color labels ? These multi-functional marketing tools work as wrapping tape, promotional giveaways, sale markers, and product labels. Start using custom labels and stickers in more elements of your business to enhance the quality and perception of your brand.

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