Destined to Stick Together: Supply Cabinets & Bulk Stick Pens

Couches & Comfort Food, ‘Tweens & Screens, Office Supply Cabinets & Bulk Stick Pens: The Cultural Imperative of the Custom Stick Pen

Open any office supply cabinet, school supply cabinet, desk drawer, or college kid’s backpack and what do you find? A stick pen. Approach a customer service counter or waiting room reception desk and what comes into focus first? A pen cup holding a seemingly unending supply of branded stick pens begging to be borrowed or furtively absconded with. 

Simple Advantages Keep the Stick Pen on Top

Also called a cap pen, the stick pen lives within a cap pen sub-category all on its own. Whether blank, branded, or bought in bulk, the stick pen is unique among pens and for good reason:

A Classic as Comforting as PB&J

The opposite of newfangled, the custom stick pen is decidedly not fangled at all. Since the 1970’s, this basic writing instrument has been delivering a reliable, inexpensive pen to companies and campuses everywhere. Previously the barrel was light blue or clear. But today custom stick pens allow all kinds of color and ink combinations with the same performance and budget friendly price point. 

Slow Down and Smell the Ink 

Most stick pens use ballpoint ink that’s thicker than other inks and delivers a more deliberate, tactile writing experience. Like whittling by a campfire or kneading dough for homemade bread, we like to think of the decidedly low-tech stick pen facilitating the effortless passing of pent-up stress from the writer to the page. At the same time, the slower strokes add import to whatever needs to be noted. The branded stick pen is a godsend to stressed out though determined note takers everywhere. Therapy in a pen? Perhaps. 

Feeling Peckish? 

If so, grab a snack. But for Pete’s sake, please don’t chew on the top of your custom stick pen! This is a stick pen-related faux pas whose time has come and gone, gone, gone. Certainly, as fellow writers and worriers, we understand the appeal, especially for those who are prone to compulsive clicking (see next section) and find themselves with a stick pen in hand and nothing to click. However, to keep the click pen chic and shareable, we suggest reaching for a personalized fidget spinner, promotional stress ball, or the always handy customized hard candy

A Cure for Misophonia 

Roommate’s compulsive clicking driving you to distraction? Colleague’s plunger compressing got you cancelling meetings? The stick pen is the solution. Though fun to bite, try as they might, fidgeters simply can’t click it. Phew!

Tried & True: How the Stick Pen Works

At its tip, the stick pen has the same ball-and-socket functionality as a retractable, click-action, plunger-driven pen. The only difference is that with the stick pen, the cartridge doesn’t retract. When not in use, a cap keeps the tip protected and the ink from drying. With such straightforward engineering, the good old stick pen delivers few surprises. But thanks to robust personalization afforded by branded stick pens, you can present your message in myriad colors, shapes, and sizes while still keeping cost at a minimum.  

Bulk Stick Pens Are Worth Every Penny (and Cost Very Few Pennies, as It Happens)

Part classic, part contemporary, and always affordable, today’s custom stick pen offers feel-good nostalgia and fashion-forward branding, all at a budget-friendly price. Check out a few of our favorites:

Value Stick Pen: With this branded stick pen the wraparound design templates allow you to pick the perfect background for your branding.

Full Color Colorstick Pen: On this statement-making custom stick pen, even the cap is customized with the design template of your choice. 

Full Color Superball Pen: Your message can’t be missed when it’s imprinted in full color on the barrel of this white-trimmed stick pen. 

Black Superball Pen: Sleek and streamlined, this black stick pen displays your message in elegant white, gold, or silver. 

BIC® Round Stic® Ice: Frosted trim colors gives this bulk stick pen an added pop.

BIC® Round Stic® Pen: Pick your barrel, trim, and imprint color on this completely custom stick pen. 

Paper Mate® InkJoy Stick Pen: This new take on the branded stick pen combines ballpoint and gel ink for vivid colors and a smooth line. Translucent barrel, trim, and cap colors add the finishing touch. 

Le Pen : Ooh la la! Contemporary barrel colors, from amethyst to olive green, with matching pen ink, plus a fine tip, promise to please students, teachers, artists, and more.

The Modern Stick Pen: Trendy Meets Classic and Always Here to Stay

Like all things with mass appeal, folks are predisposed to what just works. Think Netflix and chilling, taking selfies and swiping, and grabbing a stick pen at the customer service counter. Why not have your name on it? Take a look at our full collection of branded stick pens and other cap pens, including gift boxed, with gel ink, rollerball ink, fine tip, metal barrel, and more. 

For more on how pens work, check out our blog, Parts of a Pen: Anatomy of Ballpoint, Stick & Fountain Pens.

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