Health & Wellness Swag & Giveaway Ideas: Protect, De-Stress & Provide Daily Care

If you’ve got health and wellness on the brain these days, you’re right in line with what’s top of mind for most of us—including our customers, employees, family, and friends. So using health and wellness swag to connect with your target audience is a smart choice. Maybe you’re welcoming employees back to the office and looking for wellness goodie bag ideas. Maybe you’re looking to engage with customers while showing their health and safety is top priority. These days wellness swag is as much about face shields and hand sanitizer as it is about emery boards and essential oils.

When it comes to wellness giveaway ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we unpack the best swag ideas for health and wellness in 2020 and beyond, from products that de-stress, protect, and provide daily care.

De-Stress: These Health and Wellness Products Calm the Body and Mind

Stressful times require taking time to rest and repair. Let customers and employees know you support their self-care with these customized products:

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Protect: Keep Germs Away with These Wellness Swag Ideas

Give customers and employees peace of mind by helping them stay protected from germs, bacteria, fungus, and dust. These are the most popular:

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Daily Care: Everyday Wellness Swag Promotes Good Habits (and Your Business)

From lip balm to blue-light blocking glasses, these products go a long way toward keeping your customers and employees feeling their best. Here are a few we love:

Health and wellness swag is an on-trend value-add. And reminding your customers to take care of themselves is always a good move—for your business marketing and for all of us.

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