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Ready to List? 9 Tips for How to Promote Your Airbnb

Whether it’s a spare room you want to cash in on or a beautiful vacation home that just doesn’t get used in the off-season, a lot of people can benefit from listing on sites like Airbnb. But if you aren’t marketing what you have, you’re going to miss out on a lot of bookings that could turn your side hustle into a steady source of income. Ready to put #1 host on your resume just by branding your Airbnb? Here are our top tips for how to promote your Airbnb. 

How to Build Your AirBnB Listing in 3 Steps

You should be able to tell a lot about a rental by its listing, and you want to make sure yours is telling all the right things! Here are some Airbnb listing tips to bring in the bookings. 

Step 1: Craft Your Story

Are you offering a peaceful forest getaway in a log cabin? A modern apartment with easy city access? A family-friendly home rental near the beach? Creating a theme for your listing is a great way to stand out from the competition while highlighting desirable features. Even if you don’t have the most amazing location on the market, just adding a color-scheme or other decorative theme to your rental can create an exotic vacation vibe that your guests will adore. 

Step 2: Pictures!!!

It doesn’t matter how amazing your rental is if you don’t have great pictures. Bad pictures can make a perfect rental look dimly lit, small, and dull, so it may be worth investing in a proper photo shoot to get the proper lighting and angles. You can even hire a home staging professional to help arrange your furniture and decorations in the perfect way to highlight your listing’s best qualities. Remember, if it’s not in the pictures, it might as well not exist at all as far as customers are concerned. 

Step 3: List the Good Stuff

List everything, and I mean everything, in the description. From the local amusement park only 5 miles away to the fully-functional central heating and cooling, you never know what detail will seal the deal for your future guests. Are you pet friendly? Baby-proofed? Located near a park? If you’re not sure what you have to offer, talk to friends and get an outside perspective and look at other listings for inspiration. The more insights you have, the better your listing will be. The bare essentials to list include: 

  • Utilities
  • Nearby attractions
  • Nature access
  • Rooms/bathrooms
  • Pets or no pets
  • Square footage

3 Tips for Promoting Your AirBnB

Don’t let your listing sit idle on Airbnb, spread it around the internet! Here’s some tips to help you learn how to promote an Airbnb listing by improving your online presence. 

1. Create Your Own Link

Airbnb has a lot of great tips for promoting your listing online, including creating your own unique link. This makes your link much more attractive when you share it online and also improves your listing’s SEO value (which means it will be easier to search for online.)  

2. Get On Social Media

Social media is a great way to get free AirBnB advertising for your listing. Set up a page for your listing or listings and keep it active by sharing the following: 

  • Video walkthroughs: Let customers take a tour of your listing through your page.
  • Contests and promotions: Want to do a discount during your less active season? Host a contest? Sell your own custom vacation merch? Do it on your page!
  • Post trendy pics: Have a cat you can show lounging in your rental? Can you give home design tips? Show engaging pics on your page.
  • Highlight other businesses: Show off what awesome restaurant and vacation destinations are near your listing. You can also ask them to promote you in return for promoting them.

3. Use Lots of Listing Sites

Airbnb is a great place to have your listing, but that doesn’t have to be the only place. That custom link you create can be shared on other vacation listing and tourism sites as well. Don’t just post your link, either. Make sure you have a fully fleshed out profile on any site your listing is on. This will not only make it easier for renters to find you, but it will also bring greater interest and trust from potential customers. 

3 Tips to Encourage Reviews

Reviews are an essential way customers compare listings, so don’t let your reviews section stay empty! Here’s a few ways to encourage guests to leave the reviews you need. 

1. Welcome Guests With a Gift

Want to be memorable to your guests? Give them something they can take home and cherish. You go big with treat baskets featuring custom chocolates, or keep it simple with branded keychains. Custom gifts also help with branding your Airbnb, an important part of creating an experience your customers will leave reviews about. Need some inspiration? Here are some of our best gift ideas we know your guests will love: 

Custom Travel Mugs 

Give your guests something they can enjoy on the road and at home. The perfect accessory to busy vacationers, these branded tumblers and mugs will be well used throughout their vacation, then make great souvenirs after. With a gift like this, it’ll be hard for them to forget to leave a review. 

Trendy Totes 

You know what everyone needs on vacation? Bags. Whether they’re carrying essentials to the beach or packing up souvenirs for home, a trendy tote can go a long way. Plus, these stylish accessories can be used and flaunted at home, acting as a walking 5-star review to friends and family. 

Branded Pens 

You know what nobody brings on vacation but usually ends up needing? A pen. Whether it’s to sign a safety waiver for tubing, write a check for parking, or making an impromptu shopping list, your guests will appreciate your logo pen as their vacation companion. Plus, with these sleek styles, they’ll be showing off your brand for a long time at home! 

Want more gift tips? Check out our other blog post about Travel Swag and Other Tips For Travel Marketing. 

2. Follow Up

When your guests head back home, make sure to check in! Ask them for feedback, and if it’s good, you can encourage them to share their experience with a review on your listing. If it’s bad, take the time to listen and make adjustments accordingly. Taking negative feedback will help save you from making the same mistakes with future guests and come out stronger, even if it can be hard to hear. On top of that, if you listen well, guests will take notice and learn how much you really care about their experience. When they feel that connection, and see you do your best to make it right, they may just leave a good review telling all about how attentive you are as a host. 

3. Discounts for Reviews

Just starting out with your listing? Because you don’t have many reviews right now, customers may shy away from booking your rental in favor of more established listings. That’s why offering a discount to customers in exchange for a review can help encourage wary guests to take that leap and build your reviews at the same time.  

When you have the space to rent, don’t let it sit empty. Cash in on that opportunity and treat your listing like a small business. With a little extra effort, you can boost your bookings and put your listing on the map. Learn how to promote your Airbnb right and soon you’ll have yourself a small business worth of passive income flowing in every year. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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