Inexpensive Office Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are magical, wonderful, and, let’s face it, expensive! Between decorations, holiday meals, and gifts, the cost of the season can chip away at your holiday cheer. So how do you show your appreciation to work colleagues, employees, and clients without breaking your budget? Time to consider the best inexpensive office gift ideas.

Making a positive impression is as much about the gesture as it is the gift. Whether you create personalized pensletter openers, or magnetic fridge clips, recipients will value that you remembered them during this special time. Let’s take a look at some cheap bulk office gifts for everyone on your team.

What Are the Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees?

Creating a workplace winter wonderland is more than a matter of streamers and tinsel. A few fun bulk Christmas gifts for employees will help usher in the spirit of the season. Stick to gifts that everyone can use and enjoy, and these holiday gift ideas for employees are sure to be an office-wide hit.

Insulated Reusable Lunch Bags

These reusable insulated totes are perfect for employees to keep their lunches cool at work.

Shatterproof Tree Ornament

custom tree ornament helps employees celebrate the holidays with your company.

Britebrand™ Antimicrobial Cotton Mask

Give employees the gift of safety. With these antimicrobial custom face masks, they’ll be able to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

What Are Good Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers?

You work next to them every day. You rely on them to make your work day run smoothly. So when the holidays come around, don’t forget about your coworkers! Of course, shopping for coworkers can be tough. When you don’t know much about their hobbies, and you can’t phone a mutual friend, what’s your best option? We recommend getting one of these inexpensive office gift ideas personalized. Bulk gifts for coworkers are items you know they’ll need, topped off with your own message of thanks for a personal touch.

Lantern Pen

Who doesn’t love two gifts in one? Give this combination pen and flashlight to offer plenty of uses to your deskmates.


Whether you decorate these custom mugs with a funny office joke or your team name, it will bring up fond memories each time coworkers go to fill their glass.

Soft Touch Journal

This high-quality, low cost Soft Touch Vega Journal will prove as useful for at-home to-do lists as for jotting down work ideas. Get branded journals customized with your personal message and your colleagues will appreciate them even more.

What Are Cheap Holiday Gifts for Clients?

Wondering how you can do something special for clients around the holidays? Send them home with a little something extra. These  promotional holiday gifts are made to be affordable giveaways that everyone will love.

Magnetic Calendars

Give everyone a way to keep your business in mind during the holidays and beyond with a magnetic calendar.

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus®

Quality laser engraved pens—such as the best-selling  Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus—have all the style customers want from their pens.

Britebrand™ Calendar Monthly Budget Pocket Planner

One gift we can all use during the busy holiday and new year season? Planners! The Britebrand™ Calendar Monthly Budget Pocket Planner a thoughtful and helpful way to share your branding.

No matter which gifts you choose, spreading holiday joy is easier with these inexpensive office gift ideas. Need more ideas? Get inspired with our entire selection of holiday gifts.

Jessica Carreiro

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