Logo T-Shirts & Everything Else You Can Put in a T-Shirt Cannon!

Got a crowd? One way to make sure they’re having a blast is with t-shirt cannons. But contrary to the name, t-shirt cannons aren’t just for t-shirts anymore. Crowd-pleasing contents of these cannons include logo t-shirts, beach balls, stuff animals, and… bratwurst? Yup, you’ll have to read on to . 

What Is a T-Shirt Cannon?

The so-called t-shirt cannon is a contraption invented in the 1990s. Originally weighing in at around 90 pounds, it was designed to distribute promotional t-shirts far and high amidst a game-day crowd—far enough that even die-hard fans in the cheap seats would feel special. As Tim Derk, mascot for the San Antonio Spurs and partner in the invention, tells The New York Times, “It was like carrying a TV set on your back. The gun was probably at least four feet long. It used a cast-iron pipe — the kind that goes into the floor underneath your commode. It just weighed a ton.”1  

Well, we’ve come a long way since then. Whether you’re a mascot, party animal, or event planner, anyone can buy or rent a hand-held, lightweight t-shirt cannon of their own for a kids’ birthday party, a seminar, or a team building event. And logo t-shirts are just the beginning of the content options.  

What Is a T-Shirt Cannon Used For?

A t-shirt cannon is used to distribute t-shirts (and more) into a crowd of fans, event attendees, audience members, and party goers. It’s a great way to engage a crowd, get them on their feet and feeling energized. If what’s in the cannon has your logo, campaign, or ad message on it, the t-shirt cannon becomes a great way to ensure your branding gets peak exposure during the event, and gets remembered long after, too.  

What Goes into a T-Shirt Cannon?

Well, yes, promotional t-shirts. They’re lightweight, easily scrunch-able, and are a sure-fire (pun intended) crowd-pleaser. We all appreciate a good logo t-shirt, especially if it’s a unique souvenir for a fun event. But there’s a lot more to blast into the crowd than t-shirts! To surprise the crowd and stand out even more, consider other options as well. Read on for all the latest, greatest, and strangest cannon-content ideas. 


Did you know that, since 1998, a team out of Wisconsin (the Timber Rattlers) has shot ready-to-eat bratwursts out of a t-shirt cannon, appropriately called in this case a “Bratzooka”, to the delight of avid sports fans in the stands?2 Think of the advantage of food literally flying through the air and also literally landing in your lap, when the alternative is long lines and missed action on the field? Other options include anything light enough and sturdy enough to fly without falling apart. Think of candy bars, bags of popcorn, and pre-wrapped cotton candy.  

Stress Balls and Beach Balls:

Promotional stress relievers are light and squishy—perfect for distribution via a t-shirt cannon! And though not every audience is in need of stress relief promotional items, when it’s a tight game or a long seminar, it’s a fun way to fidget. Try an inflatable beach ball to get sports fans playing and audience members energized.  


You’re at a sports event or a seminar and one thing we usually end up with is extra stuff. A promotional tote is the perfect accessory for hauling out jackets and snacks if you’re at a game or outdoor event, and giveaways if you’re at a trade show.  


You know what almost anyone at an outdoor event can use? A blanket! Whether to keep warm or keep a seat dry, a stadium blanket or beach towel is a welcome promotional gift for an outdoor crowd.  

Plush Toys:

Fill your t-shirt cannon with personalized plush toys for the kids and the kids at heart!  

What Promotional T-Shirts and Other Cannon Fodder Do You Offer?

Check out our best bets for t-shirt cannons of all kinds. Match your giveaways to your crowd, your brand, and your budget.  

Rally Towel: 100% cotton terry material makes this rally towel soft and comfortable. Spills at the stadium? Blast rally towels out of your t-shirt cannon and your crowd can clean up in style.    

Cooling Towel: When this gets wet it keeps recipients cool for hours, while keeping your name on display.   

Football Shape Stress Reliever: If it’s a football game you bring your t-shirt cannon to, here’s your slam-dunk giveaway.  

6″ Plush Big Paw Dog with Shirt: Everyone needs a pet, especially one as low-maintenance as a plush pet. Liven up your next event with stuffed animals flying through the crowd!   

16″ Baseball Beach Ball: Let the audience play their own game while the show goes on in the field or on the stage, with blow-up beach balls themed for your event.  

Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars: It’s raining chocolate (and your logo)! These are just the right size for a seventh-inning stretch or an intermission at a day-long seminar. 

Gildan® Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt-Colors: And if you do take the tried and true t-shirt route, go big and go bright. This helps your logo show up in every event photo, and ensures more people can wear your branding. It’s easier to roll up sleeves, tuck in or tie up the waist, then to cram into a too-small size. Tip: Shop all our custom t-shirt tops to find the perfect match for your t-shirt cannon, budget, and occasion.  

Logo T-Shirts Are the Tip of the Cannon Iceberg

At your next event—a concert in the park, a three-day symposium, or an employee game day, deploy a t-shirt cannon stuffed with all manner of promotional merchandise. Watch the crowd come alive and your logo live on.  


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