Marketing Promotions for Special Events or Occasions

Each calendar year has tons of holidays, special events, or occasions that your business can and should use to promote your business. Aside from the well-known holidays like the fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, or Christmas, there are plenty of smaller holidays that might not be known to your customers. Using these smaller holidays or events can make others aware of the occasion and also gives you an excuse as a business to have a sale or some type of special promotion or event to celebrate the date. Not only can you have a special promotion for the event, you can also use it as a chance to engage your customers with games or gifts all while promoting your company.

As a marketer, you must plan ahead. The bigger the promotion or holiday, the more in advance you should start planning. Start brainstorming and jotting down ideas, then plan on your resources, timeline, etc. For example, December promotions should finish up planning in the next few months and start implementation. This way, when the time comes to execute, ready and you haven.t missed out!

Creativity also goes a long way when promoting your business. I remember visiting this local coffee shop that had a chalkboard at the front door. Depending on what holiday was coming up, it would have a trivia question about that holiday. If you answered the question correctly when you went to order, you would get 10% off your drink.

Here.s an idea: Super Bowl is this weekend. Have you thought about how you can incorporate that into your small business marketing? If you own a food store, this is a perfect time to offer discounts on bulk orders. How about making a deal with your customers? If X team wins or wins by x number of points, then all your customers will get 15% off on Monday or Free Shipping on their order.

It.s also a good idea to save your big promotions for the big events. As for the smaller occasions, use it to throw in a BOGO (Buy One Get One) or 10% off offer.

If you aren.t sure what types of holidays or special events are out there, try to search for an events calendar in Google or you can use the promotional events calendar we feature on our website.

Image Courtesy of sullivaniga