6 Gift Ideas for Nurse Appreciation Week 2020

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, or have a loved one who has, you know just how much of an impact a good nurse can have on that experience. They offer care during a time when comforts can be hard to find. That’s why, every year, we take time to honor nurses with Nurse Appreciation Week. Of course, this year, acknowledging the crucial role of nurses in our society has even more significance.

Nurse Appreciation Week lasts from May 6 to May 12. Whether you’re a hospital administrator that wants to celebrate your brave staff of nurses, a company that wants to show support for those in the medical field, or someone who, like many of us right now, is simply in awe of nurses and wants a way to say ‘thank you’, Nurse Appreciation Week gifts are a wonderful way to convey your sentiments. Let’s cover how you can uplift the spirit in a hospital right now with nurse appreciation gifts.

Gift Ideas for Nurse Appreciation

1. Send Flowers

A bouquet of flowers can be enjoyed by all the nurses and bring a bit of beauty to an area that is heavy with the stress of work and high emotions. You can support small business at the same time by finding a local florist to purchase the floral arrangement from.

2. Gift Supplies

In a time when supplies can be short, supplies to keep nurses safe may be the best nurse appreciation gift of all. Consider gifting face masks in bulk or other health safety supplies to help nurses stay healthy.

3. Post a Sign in Your Window

You never know how many nurses may live in your neighborhood. Posting a sign thanking nurses in your window or in the window of your business will let the nurses in your area know they have your gratitude.

4. Send ‘Thank You’ Cards to the Hospitals in Your Area

Get some nice Thank You cards, and write a special note to send to the nurses at the hospital or hospitals near you. Sometimes a genuine message of respect and support can make all the difference during a tough shift.

5. Gift  Fun Fanny Packs

Fun scrubs just might take a back seat to fun fanny packs. These flashy neon fanny packs allow nurses to comfortably carry their phone and essential items with them. Get them printed with an inspirational phrase or whatever personalized message you want them to see.

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6. Send  Custom Massagers

We all know nurses work hard, so why not offer them a way to relax, even when on a short break. These custom massagers make for a very welcomed gift that can be used both at work and at home.

It doesn’t matter how you let nurses know you that appreciate all they do keep their communities well. What matters is that you just take the time for Nurse Appreciation Week to send your gratitude out to these vital health care workers.

Will your small business be sending a nurse appreciation gift? Let us know how you’re showing your support on Facebook or Instagram. Tag us in your nurse appreciation posts so we can share your wonderful ideas.

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