Paid and Organic Search Complement Each Other

Speak to any online advertising expert or agency and chances are they will tell you how much more beneficial it is to use both organic and paid search together. There are obvious advantages to both paid and organic search, but leveraging your campaigns off the other, you can build a powerful search campaign.

Using paid search, you have more control over your listing including placement, ad copy, and landing pages. With these options, you can run a lot of tests to determine what works best for you. Paid search also allows you to gain search visibility immediately whereas organic visibility can take months to appear. Some of the disadvantages of paid search include cost. Every time your ad is clicked on, you are required to play regardless if you sold something or gained a lead from them. Paid search can easily become very costly if not managed carefully and on a consistent basis.

Organic search on the other hand comes at no cost. Users can click you listing as much as they want and you don.t have to pay a single cent. Users are also more inclined to click on organic listings than they are to click on sponsored ads. Disadvantages include the fact that your ranking is not guaranteed and it is a long term and continual process to see results. Organic search includes a lot of research and fine-tuning and also involves factors (ie. algorithm changes) that you have no control over.

However, with some careful planning, you can utilize learnings from organic for paid search and vice versa. Paid search allows you to quickly gauge what type of traffic you would get for a certain keyword. If you are getting a significant amount of traffic for a certain term and a decent amount of orders or leads from it, then it would be wise to target that keyword in your organic search. Also, if there is a particular keyword that has very high competition in the natural listings, it may be worthwhile to attract traffic for sales and leads through paid search instead.

Many agencies and professionals have also done studies on how much more likely a user is to click on your site if you have top placements in both paid and organic search. Paid search can also be used initially to push traffic to newly developed organic portions of the website. Using both paid and organic, you can get a good view of the long-tail terms users are looking for. This can help you greatly when developing new landing pages and copy specific to those users.

These are just a few ways paid and organic search go together hand-in-hand. If looking for ways to improve your paid and/or organic search, then employing some of the tactics mentioned above is a great place to start.