Take a Slice Outta National Pizza Day with Pizza Promotional Items

Ok, you busted me. This pizza promotional items post is really just an excuse to stare at pizza images all day long. Can ya blame me? The cheese. The sauce. The toppings. Whew, is it hot in here?!

Whether you call it a pie, a slice, or ‘za (please stop it immediately if you do), there’s no denying the mass appeal of this versatile dish, and we hereby declare National Pizza Day, February 9th, our second-favorite day. (Sorry, National Handwriting Day still has our heart.) We love it for more than just the obvious excuse to gorge on this Manna from heaven, but also for its unique opportunity for marketing.

Pizza Promotional Items Deliver (GET IT?)

So, maybe you don’t own a pizzeria, and you’re thinking, “Can I really use promotional pizza cutters for my business?” The answer is: YES. One of the most effective ways to advertise your business, no matter what it is, is to tap into items that people use all the time.

94% of Americans eat pizza regularly, with the average person eating about 46 pizza slices a year. That is a whole lot of time your company name and info could be right in front of a potential customer, and at a time when they’re really happy.

Here are a few of our picks for promotional pizza cutters:

Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener

Cookies and milk. Sonny and Cher. Pizza and beer. Some things are just meant to be together, am I right? This double-duty tool is all about giving you more bang for your buck.


Kuzil Krazy Pizza Cutter

This happy guy just wants to be your buddy—and cut your pizza really well. It’s made with heavy-duty plastic which makes for a safe slice.

Pizza Magnets & Such for Pizza Joints

Thought I was going to forget you, pizzeria owners? Never! For you, every day is National Pizza Day, so promotional pizza cutters and pizza magnets are must-haves.

Pizza-Themed Promotional Pens

Because we love you (and would love some free pizza, hint, hint), we have tons of pizza designs you can choose from, whether you own a franchise or your own shop.

Pizza Magnet

The quintessential must-have for every pizzeria, and every refrigerator. Throw one in with every order and you’ll see repeat orders, promise.

National Pizza Day is simply a reminder to use these fun days as a way to extend your marketing reach. When you connect your brand to everyday items like pizza magnets and promotional pizza cutters, you’ll stay top-of-mind, any way you slice it.


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