Promotional Sunglasses: From Goofy to Glamorous, Shades to Fit Your Brand

Wondering which custom printed sunglasses to get for your outdoor event, gift with purchase, or summer gift basket? The answer depends on your budget and your brand. From custom polarized sunglasses suitable for a top drawer meet and greet, to bulk mirrored sunglasses that go best with beach games and snow cones, there’s a promotional sunglasses style for every occasion.

First, a brief summary of the different parts of sunglasses and types of lenses.

Sunglasses Parts

  • Temples: Also known as the “arms” of the sunglasses, the temples of the sunglasses attach to the frame and balance on your ears. The portion of the temple closest to the frame (away from the ear) is where you’re most likely to find a logo or other imprint. This is usually the ideal spot for a customized imprint because whether the sunglasses are on the nose or on top of the head, the imprint remains visible.
  • Frame: The part of sunglasses that holds the lenses. The frame is not usually custom printed but can be for some styles. Frame material is most often plastic, metal, or rubberized.
  • Lenses: The part of the sunglasses that you look through. Types of lenses include tinted, mirrored, polarized, treated with blue light filter, and more. Wondering about mirror lens vs polarized sunglasses? Here’s the short answer: Polarized lenses reduce glare by only letting vertical light pass through (most glare comes from horizontal light). Mirrored lenses reduce all the light passing through by 10-60%, but you lose some light you might want, and you also prevent others from gazing into your eyes while the sun sets (they’ll see their own eyes quite well in your mirror lenses, though). Both polarized and mirrored lenses are great for high glare situations like water and snow.

Next, a reminder about the benefits of sunglasses.

What Do Sunglasses Do?

  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV (ultraviolet) light. This is the light that can damage the cornea, lens, retina, and the eyelid. Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts and possibly macular degeneration as well.
  • Sunglasses look good—on pretty much everyone. Maybe it’s the intrigue of the unknown/partially obscured “windows to the soul.” Or maybe it’s the increased confidence some of us feel while safely hidden behind a pair of shades, but the coolness factor is real.
  • Like a cold drink, a good meal, or a change of clothes, promotional sunglasses allow your recipients to enjoy the outdoors longer.

How Custom Printed Sunglasses Benefit Your Brand

  • When was the last time you were at an outdoor event where you didn’t see someone snapping a selfie, or two, or tons? Whichever social media platform they’re posting to, or group of friends and family they’re sharing with, folks like to commemorate outdoor activities with photos. So when your name’s on every head and in front of every set of smiling eyes, that’s a lot of marketing impressions coming your way!
  • Sunglasses add an element of “chill” to any occasion. Whether it’s a fun run, a nature walk, a sailing day, or a birthday party, sunglasses help recipients relax, loosen up, and switch gears from work to play.
  • Letting customers know you care about their eyes is sure to make your brand look good! When you distribute promotional sunglasses at the doctor’s office, school, gym, employee lounge, or elsewhere, you’re taking action in the name of good health.
  • Group bonding occurs more easily when everyone’s got a commonality. Whether your go classy or wacky, giveaway sunglasses on every head help recipients connect over your company, cause, or campaign.

Our Favorite Promotional Sunglasses

From low budget to high end, silly to sophisticated, here’s a curated list of the best custom printed sunglasses:

Malibu Sunglasses

Rubberized Mirrored Sunglasses

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Unisex Quinn Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Rainbow Malibu Sunglasses

Full Color Lens Glasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Retro Specs Glasses


Your future is our business, and the future looks bright when your customers wear sunglasses personalized with your branding. Check out our full selection of customized sunglasses to find the one that suits your style. Let us know which promotional sunglasses sport your logo on Facebook or Instagram.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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