Reinventing Your Brand for Search

One of my colleagues passed over a very interesting article on Search this morning. It basically said that businesses are beginning to become more and more aware of the importance and power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days. Because of that, they have been thinking of creative ways to step up their marketing and brand presence in search engine results pages (SERPs).

It gave two examples of how marketers were willing to reinvent their brand to take an advantage in having high visibility in the engines. The first example was the Sci-Fi channel. They had started to announce that they were eventually going to be evolving into the name Syfy. They realized the opportunity available to them in dominating search results with such a name. The second example is about a small Normandy town called Eu. The town feels like many tourists are missing out on visiting this great town which has reportedly had visits from historical figures like William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart, and Joan of Arc. They feel that they are getting a lack of toursists because prospective visitors cannot locate them in the SERPs due to the overpowering presence of EU (the European Union). The town plans to make changes to it.s town name to be more unique so that they can once again be found and bring back the visitors they so desire.

It is so great to see how much SEO has grown in terms of being integrated into marketing plans. Not long ago, many businesses still considered SEO something to be put on the backburner. But as people begin to see the value and the return of optimization efforts, they are making strong, bold marketing decisions in efforts to succeed in the search engines.

My thoughts on reinventing the Brand name are slightly mixed. On the one hand, I think it is brilliant . to be creative enough to create a unique name that no other person/company has for the SERPs. I definitely see how difficult it can be for the Sci-Fi channel or Eu to rank because of so many other businesses/people fighting for the space.. On the other hand, I think it really depends on who your Brand audience is. I think it is important to pose the questions of what are the risks involved? Will we lose people? Will people no longer be able to find us because they are not aware of the name change?

I think the bottom-line here is that if it is executed correctly, and the audience is slowly, over a period of time, introduced to the new name, they will more likely accept it. I also feel that it is better to make this type of change sooner rather than later. And lastly, I think it needs to be executed carefully, with plenty of thought, on what the name will be (not just something random) as well as how to introduce it to your current audience.

Would you consider changing your Brand name to gain market share in the SERPs?

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