Types of Reusable Bags: 5 Ways to Get Your Branding All Bagged Up

Think all reusable shopping bags are the same? While they all help to reduce the waste of single-use plastic bags, each kind of reusable bag comes with its own pros and cons. That’s why it’s important to explore the different types of reusable bags and how they can work for you.

Reusable Bag Types

We’ll walk you through the key distinctions to help you decide if you’re more of a jute or non-woven bag kind of a brand—and, yes, we’ll also explain what the heck jute is. So let’s discuss the most popular types of reusable bags that companies are using to get their names out there:

Non-Woven Bags

Large Non-Woven Shopping Tote

Non-woven fabric is made without weaving or knitting, but rather through a chemical or heat process. That makes it more affordable, which is the leading draw of custom non-woven bags. Because they’re so budget friendly, you can hand them out with each purchase or give them as swag bags full of other branded promotional items. They also compress into a small size and are often used for grocery shopping runs. That means they’ll get your company logo tons of visibility at a low cost to you.

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Canvas Bags

Natural Cotton Canvas Tote

Canvas bags are just that, an ideal canvas for your logo. They carry tons of weight and are one of the best bags for delivering a message. Printed canvas totes with logo can work for a wide variety of brands or businesses, from educational services or frozen yogurt shops.

Cotton Bags

Yukon Cotton Bag

Cotton is a popular reusable shopping bag material because it’s soft and durable. It’s one of the few types of reusable bags that can be washed, meaning a spill or mishap with a grocery run won’t ruin your branding. All sorts of companies and nonprofits opt for branding with cotton bags because their great look is likely to last longer than other options, like the custom non-woven bags.

Tip: Read our blog on How to Wash Reusable Bags to avoid damaging your bag while cleaning it.

Jute Bags

Good Value™ Jute Grocery Tote

Promotional jute shopping bags have a more natural look. That comes from their natural material which is actually derived from the fibers of jute plants. Their earthy aesthetic makes them ideal for promoting health food stores, yoga studios, and resorts. This reusable shopping bag material has gained popularity recently, which makes it a trendy option for companies.

Polyester Bags

Full Color Inkjet Chaya Tote with Pouch

The main benefit of reusable polyester bags is that they are reliable, and not likely to get thrown away because they got a little wet. Polyester doesn’t absorb moisture, which means it’s also resistant to mold. If you are looking for types of reusable bags that are suitable for outdoor use, polyester drawstring bags are your best option.

Think, pet grooming locations who know their clients have to go on walks, or nonprofits who want their bags to be carried in charity walks. Easily washable, and more affordable than materials like cotton, polyester is a reusable shopping bag material that will get tons of use .


Have you figured out which types of reusable bags are right for your business? Show us how you’re getting your promotions all bagged up. Tag us in your promotional bag pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

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