Summer Giveaway Ideas to Keep Your Branding Hot

Looking to grow your business? You picked the right season! Summer giveaways ensure your logo has some fun in the sun. What better time to introduce your logo than in the midst of cherished activities where memories get made?  

Summer is a time for adventure, recharging, relaxing, and exploring. Our minds are open and our spirits are lifted. Summer is for lazy days at the shore, pool parties, slumber parties, BBQ’s and concerts in the park. And of course, those “never again” family road trips and chaotic summer fairs ending in too much sun, exhausted kids, and oddly, a lifetime of fond memories. Our summer giveaway ideas are designed to create lasting connection between your brand, your target audience, and all that summer has to offer.   

How Can I Choose the Best Summer Giveaway for My Business?

Every recipient who’s excited about summer will smile to get a summer-themed gift. But to maximize brand visibility, personalize a summer promotional product that’s destined to be a favorite—maybe it’s the wine tumbler they take to every concert in the park, the sports water bottle they take on every bike tour, or the fanny pack they take on every trail. When choosing your summer giveaway, consider these three factors to get the best ROI the season of sunshine has to offer: 

  • Target Audience: What are your customers interested in? Do they tend to skew younger or older, more or less active, fast fashion or nature-minded?
  • Budget: Look at summer promotional product ideas that are high enough quality to impress your customers and affordable enough to distribute to your target audience without over-spending. For instance, a mail order giveaway (a collapsible can cooler comes to mind) should cost less per piece than a summer giveaway intended for your long-term customers or valued employees (like, for instance, a folding chair with carrying bag).
  • Target Activity: Choose a summer giveaway that supports an activity your customers enjoy or that your business supports. Popular summer activities to consider:
    • By Sea: Beach, pool, sailing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding
    • By Land: Camping, hiking, biking, picnics, walks
    • Come One Come All: Fairs, amusements parks, picnics, concerts, sports and tailgating events
    • Zen Vibes Only: Playing cards, puzzles, games, coloring books (check out our selection of customized bookmarks to get your brand in on the inaction)

What Are the Best Summer Giveaway Ideas?

Our most popular summer giveaways are fun and functional. Get your summer promotional product ideas brainstorm fired up with these warm weather favorites:  

  • Beach Mat: Keep customers cool and comfortable and your name on display all summer long, at the beach, pool, or picnic with a beach mat or picnic blanket.
  • Sunglasses: An essential summer accessory for land and sea, sunglasses are an essential part of any sunny day.
  • Caps: A good ball cap makes everyone feel a little cooler this summer. Add your name to a customized cap for visibility when a visor’s in order.
  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas are a must-have for summer showers and summer golfing! They can also be used to provide shade from the sun.
  • Lanyards: Not just for trade shows! Promotional lanyards are a great way to keep track of keys, ID cards, and other important items at the beach or other outdoor events.
  • Waist Packs: Walking, hiking, cruising the county fair or exploring a new city—a  customized fanny pack will keep your brand close at hand during the summer’s most memorable events.
  • Totes: Ever notice how much stuff ends up in bags during the summer months? Swimsuits, towels, snacks, sports equipment, overnight accessories—you name it, a tote’s involved in summer fun. Make sure your name’s on each one with a personalized tote for your customers and employees.

Tip: Summer time is prime time for visiting National Parks and exploring local nature in our own backyards. Choose a summer giveaway from our Better Branding collection of recycled, responsibly sourced, or sustainable merchandise.  

Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Branding in the Streets (and Everywhere Else)

Watch these summer promotional product ideas work for you this season to increase brand awareness, boost sales, and ensure your customers and employees know how much you care. 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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