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How to Boost Your Brand on National Nonprofit Day

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization yourself or a small business that is proud to lend their support to a local, global, or national nonprofit, National Nonprofit Day is your time to shine. Did you know? In 2017, Americans gave a record-breaking $400 billion to a wide variety of organizations.1 Giving is an important part of our culture. Make sure it’s part of your branding! 

What Is National Nonprofit Day?

If you are a nonprofit organization, partner with one, support one, or rely on one, this is the day to pause, reflect, and celebrate! The holiday recognizes the nonprofit sector’s impact and highlights the importance of charitable organizations. It is a great opportunity to increase awareness for your nonprofit and get more people involved. 

What Day Is National Nonprofit Day? 

National Nonprofit Day is celebrated each year on August 17th. Here are the days it will fall on in the coming years: 

  • 2023: Thursday, August 17
  • 2024: Saturday, August 17
  • 2025: Sunday, August 17
  • 2026: Monday, August 17
  • 2027: Tuesday, August 17

What Is the History of National Nonprofit Day?

The holiday was created in 2017 by Sherita J. Herring. Herrin is a renowned speaker, best-selling author, and business strategist. She founded National Nonprofit Day to celebrate those working in the nonprofit space, and to inspire others to get involved. The date of August 17 is significant because it’s the date the Tariff Act of 1894 was signed into law, which included exemptions for nonprofit organizations and charitable institutions. 

What Is the National Nonprofit Day Hashtag?

The hashtag for National Nonprofit Day is #NationalNonprofitDay. Use the hashtag to increase visibility for your posts, reels, text shares, and other social media content celebrating National Nonprofit Day. 

How Should I Celebrate National Nonprofit Day?

Celebrating the National Nonprofit holiday benefits everyone, including charities and their intended recipients, and also the small businesses and customers helping to create awareness and encourage support. There are as many ways to get involved as there are causes to get behind. Enjoy brainstorming how you can make the most out of this special day.  

As a Nonprofit Organization:

  • Share Success Stories: Post photos of your nonprofit in action, and highlight the volunteers and employees who fuel the engine of your success. Make it easy for people to get involved with a donation.
  • Thank Employees and Volunteers: National Nonprofit Day is to team members and volunteers, what Mother’s Day is to moms! Post notes of appreciation to all those who dedicate hours and effort and emotion to a cause greater than themselves. Encourage others to say “thanks” with donations of any size or by volunteering.
  • Thank Donors: Celebrate donors on social media, in emails and direct mail. Use National Nonprofit Day to encourage annual giving.
  • Host a Fundraising Event: Partner with other nonprofit organizations and business partners for a fundraising event. Include music or food trucks and encourage attendees to donate, volunteer, and become informed. Incentive donations and volunteer sign-ups with a special gift if they take action at your event or sign up for recurring donations.

As a Small Business Supporting a Nonprofit Organization:

  • Draw Attention to the Charity or Charities You Support. Call out recent successes of nonprofit organizations with which you’re affiliated. Promote the reasons why you love the charity and how their work supports your brand values.  If you donated a specific amount to those charities, such as a percent of sales revenue, let your customers know how their purchases made a difference.
  • Partner with a Nonprofit: National Nonprofit Day is the perfect time to initiate a new partnership between your small business and a nonprofit within your community or beyond. Take advantage of the increased interest in and visibility for charities to promote your own involvement.
  • Make a Special Donation on National Nonprofit Day: Attach your donation to customer activity in order to build a sense of community and group accomplishment among your customers. For instance, if your customers purchase a specific product or service on August 17, a donation is made on their behalf or a percentage of sales goes to the charity. In the spirit of the holiday, you can also specify that donations will go specifically to thank volunteers or nonprofit employees.
  • Ask for Customer Input: Before National Nonprofit Day, encourage customers to vote on the nonprofit you’ll support for the upcoming year. Give them options that support your brand values. Make the announcement of the winning local, global, or national nonprofit on National Nonprofit Day. Kick off your partnership with a donor wall on your website or a link to a donor page detailing the awesome impact the charity is having and why it matters to you and your customers.

How Can Nonprofits Increase Awareness with Giveaways?

Customized promotional products are a great way to leverage National Nonprofit Day as a springboard for ongoing engagement. As a nonprofit, this engagement can be with donors, the community, and business partners. If you’re a small business partnering with a nonprofit organization, you can use customized gifts to remind customers all year long of your values and the causes they support by working with your company. Here are a few popular options: 

  • Sustainable, Recycled, and Responsibly Sourced Gifts: Feel good about promoting your nonprofit with gifts designed with the planet. Browse our Better Branding Collection to customize a pen, tote, tumbler, or other giveaway with your logo or a message about how much volunteers matter!
  • Pens: Add your logo and the holiday to a promotional pen that volunteers and donors can carry proudly throughout the year. For volunteers and nonprofit organization employees, customize a gift set such as a pen and keychain flashlight, or ballpoint and gel pen set.
  • Totes: Thank donors and volunteers, and encourage new involvement in your nonprofit organization with customized tote bags. For top donors and team members, consider a high-end gift such as a backpack like this Café Cooler Backpack & Picnic Set.
  • Drinkware: One thing volunteers need is all-day hydration! Celebrate volunteers, team members, and donors with custom drinkware that advertises your nonprofit all day and all year round. Customize this popular camp mug with your logo and the National Nonprofit Day hashtag so recipients get special credit on this special day!

Make August 17 the Day to Remember as National Nonprofit Day

No matter how you celebrate, from special gifts for volunteers to a fundraising event and or new partnership, take advantage of National Nonprofit Day to boost your brand, increase awareness, and expand your sphere of influence for causes that matter. We are all elevated when your nonprofit organization thrives! Happy Holiday! 


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