The Five Factors of A Successful Logo

How long does it take you to recognize the brands above? Less than a second, right? Logos are an important part of a brand’s image.  They can be made up of initials, words, graphics, shapes or a combination of one or more of those aspects. Despite how different the logos themselves are, there are always five factors that apply to a strong logo.

Recognizable – If your logo contains text, make it readable. Your brand won.t be remembered if it can.t be read. Similarly, if your logo looks like another company.s, your customers will think of that brand when they see your advertising icon -a waste of advertising dollars.

Associative –  There is a reason car companies use strong, majestic animals for their icons. Your logo should work with your company or it will leave people scratching their heads.

Credible – A logo should represent the work you do. A cartoon monkey may work for a children’.s party company, but not an accounting office.

Timeless – Every time you change your logo, you lose the branding built on the past version. Trendy logos may be outdated in only a few years.

Simple – The simpler a logo, the quicker it can be associated with your brand. Consider the most famous company logos around, a curved checkmark, a red bulls eye, a rearing horse, etc. They are all simple. That’s why they work.

Did you know T-mobile has gone so far to make their logo simple they use just a color? That’s right, they placed a copyright on the color magenta to protect it as their logo.

Make your logo stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed. Do you have any good or bad logos to share?

Photos courtesy of hyku and evercool