The Power of Coupons – Printing :: Part 2

Now that decided to use a coupon and what kind of discount to offer, let.s learn about printing options.

. Do it yourself. Printing yourself is easy. You can print off hundreds of your own coupons on your PC or take a trip to the local copy store. It.s easy, but you risk customers making their own coupons, which can suddenly turn 100 coupons into 10,000. This can work positively as viral marketing, but be sure you can handle that sort of discount.

. Have customers print them. This is the easiest and the only free way to print coupons. This method requires online or email distribution. The downsides are the same as printing yourself, people can try to manipulate the coupons or print off too many.

. Pay a professional to publish them. For most small companies, a professional printer is not the best option unless it is included with your distribution method. For example, a distribution group or a newspaper will print your coupons for you.

. Print them on promotional products. An underused method of coupon distribution. These may not be free, but they offer you additional advertising, can.t be manipulated and people will want them .even if they don.t need coupons.

However you print your coupons, don.t forget to add an expiration date, like .offer valid through August 31.. This creates a sense of urgency around the offer, enticing customers to act now and it protects you from discounting longer than intended.