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Group Photography Tips for Non-Models

So, maybe you aren’t Gigi Hadid, and that’s ok (neither are we, although our pens are pretty cute). We all aren’t born with the ability to know how to take group photos, especially when it comes to taking good group photos with your team for the company holiday card. How to take large group photos isn’t a science, it really just comes down to a few easy steps. And yup, as you probably guessed, we’ve compiled them for you below.

Remember, “Location, Location, Location”

Group photography tip #1: The famous real estate saying, “Location, location, location” also rings true for taking photos. When looking for a backdrop, you want one that’s neutral enough to let your team shine, like a brick wall with foliage. If you have a wall with your company’s logo on it, that’s a great option too for group portrait photography, just make sure to gather everyone around the logo so it can be seen.

Go for the Gold

How to take group photos tip #2: Snap the photo during golden hour. What is this holden hour we speak of? It’s that magical time right before sunset where the light is soft and flattering. It also happens before sunrise, but one of our bonus group photography tips is that you want your team happy in the photos, so…skip the early wake up time J.

Dress for Success

The third tip for how to take large group photos is to coordinate those outfits. Matching ugly Christmas sweaters not your thing? Ok, fine, your work uniforms would look great. Another group photography tip for coordinating outfits is to choose a color from your company’s logo and have everyone dress in that shade. It’s those subtle hints that will make your team look really professional.

Make Merry Mail

Now that we’ve mastered how to take group photos, it’s time to think about your holiday card. May we be so bold as to suggest our Christmas Card with Pen? You can personalize the card, pen, and slip your photo in before you send it out to clients. Hello, three gifts in one!

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