Top 10 Travel Gadgets & Promotional Accessories for Safe Travel

In a perfect world, travel would mean unplugging and enjoying the journey. Of course, in a perfect world, there wouldn’t be armrest hoggers, loud talkers, or anyone enjoying a mid-flight fish plate. Alas, sometimes, enjoying the journey means stuffing your carry-on with an ample supply of comforting distractions. That’s why customers love receiving promotional travel gadgets and accessories. If your industry has a large market of travelers, giving customers the right gifts can create branding opportunities on the way to every destination.

But, which gifts are best? Since there will always be unavoidable hiccups, anything that offers a bit of home on-the-go is a welcome treat for travelers. And with COVID-19 requiring that everyone be more diligent with their safety, protection items are one of the best promotional travel accessories you can hand out. Let’s lay out all the travel promotional items that customers need to pack, and the items that will keep them safe while traveling right now.

Wondering What to Pack When Traveling?

Everyone has their one essential travel packing tip. Bring an extra set of clothes in carry-on in case your luggage is lost. Roll your clothes instead of folding to save space. Bring less so you can buy more when you get there. Okay, maybe that last one is just me. But everyone has some kind of strategy when deciding what to pack when traveling. To cover your bases, make sure to check off carry-on flight essentials like:

The Best Promotional Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Looking to hand out great promotional items for travelers? Check out our favorite must-have things to bring on a plane:

Logo Earbuds

Branded earbuds such as these Color Pop Earbuds make it easy for customers to tune out crying babies and watch their favorite show or movie instead.

Custom Essential Oils

A drop of sweet-scented essential oil rubbed just below the nose will be a life-saver when customers run into unpleasant smells while traveling—of course, the added dose of calm won’t hurt either.

Promotional Phone Stands

Custom phone stands make it easy to watch videos on devices without having to hold them for the entire flight.

Portable Chargers and Power Banks

There’s nothing worse than a dead phone when you’re traveling. Custom portable chargers and power banks with logo ensure that customers can skip the low-battery panic attacks and just enjoy their trip.

Carry-on Flight Essentials for Safe Travels

Saying ‘safe travels’ used to be a fun send off for those departing on trips, but now it’s sound advice. By taking a few extra precautions, customers can continue to travel safely.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Traveling During COVID-19:

  1. Social distance up to 6 feet when possible
  2. Always wear a face mask (and face shield if you have it)
  3. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer for when hand washing stations aren’t available
  4. Try not to touch surrounding surfaces unless you have to
  5. Engage in frequent hand washing and cover all coughs and sneezes

If your industry relies on travelers, help them follow these recommended safety tips for business travelers by handing out PPE travel accessories, like:

Face Mask

Face masks are required for boarding planes, so every traveling customer will need one. Offer customers logo face masks that are breathable and top quality for added peace of mind.

No-Touch Tool

Pressing elevator buttons and opening doors doesn’t mean having to touch where thousands of others have before. Instead, these no-touch safety tools allow customers to avoid touching the surface altogether.

Stylus Pen

It’s always a good idea to travel with a pen, but in these times, it’s especially important to carry your own stylus pen, such as our best-selling Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim. The rubber stylus can be used to select, swipe, and sign on touchpads, so customers don’t have to come in contact with the pad itself.

Tray Table Cover

The idea of spreading all your stuff out on an airplane tray table is less than appealing right now. These custom Airplane Pockets are the perfect solution. They slide on to cover the tray table, and have hanging pockets to store a laptop or tablet, notebook, snacks, and whatever else you’d like easy access to.

Alcohol Wipe Case for Travel

If tray table covers aren’t your style, consider custom alcohol wipe cases. Each case of these Britebrand™ Alcohol Wipe Case contains six alcohol wipes and a silicone strap for travel.

Hand Sanitizer

In order to bring hand sanitizer with you on flights, it has to be less than 3 fl. oz. Luckily, a travel-size hand sanitizer bottle is really all customers need for their trip!

Hopefully these packing tips point you in the right direction for providing safe and useful travel promotional items. Are you in an industry with traveling customers? Show us on Facebook or Instagram how you’re promoting your brand with safe travel gadgets and accessories.

Jessica Carreiro

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