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Top Types of Markers for Promotional Giveaways

While you may not think much about them, markers are a major staple for writing. They can do things that pens can’t. They can write on any surface, make thicker and more visible lines, and even blend better to make art. They also make for great promotional products, as everyone uses markers. There are also a large number of different types of markers to choose from when planning promotional giveaways. 

Knowing when and how they are used and who they appeal to is important if you want to choose and customize your promotional markers wisely. You want to know what markers your customers are most likely to use, where they’ll want them the most, and what you can pair with them for the greatest appeal to your customers. Here is a guide of our most popular personalized markers, how customers use them, and how you can use them to market your brand. 

5 Popular Types of Markers for Promotional Giveaways


Custom highlighters are a type of marker that make a great office staple for promotional giveaways. Not only are they great for marking up paperwork, they make some great office art! You can give these brightly-colored promotional markers to your employees with your custom logo to encourage team spirit, or include them in your next big giveaway.  

But what’s a highlighter without something to highlight? When putting together promotional giveaways, pair your custom printed markers with promotional pamphlets or brochures. Any time you are giving away company literature or paperwork, promotional highlighters are a great thing to include both for the convenience of your recipients, but also for your own branding. Here are two of our most popular highlighters to consider for your giveaway. 

Neon Color Highlighter Accent Markers 

Nothing suits a highlighter better than neon colors! The ultra-bright colors grab your attention and make any document a thousand times more fun to read. With your custom logo printed on the translucent barrel, this eye-catching highlighter will quickly be a customer favorite. 

5 Prong Highlighter 

Get all the colors in one with the 5 Prong Highlighter. Recipients are going to love having so many options right in the palm of their hands, saving space in their pockets and saving money in yours. Get a rainbow of marketing opportunity with this highlighter in your next giveaway. 

Fine-Point Sharpies

Custom Sharpie pens are one of the most popular types of markers, and fine-point sharpies are extra popular for offices. Because Sharpies can write on nearly any surface, they are perfect for labeling your lunch in the office fridge, marking up folders to file, and even doodling on picture frames to hang in your office. Recipients will also love using different colors of custom printed markers for signing birthday, holiday, and thank-you cards for coworkers and family. 

Fine-point Sharpies pair well with anything you’d give with a normal pen. Customized notebookspromotional sticky pads, and business holiday cards are all great to pair with customized fine-point sharpies. Whether your recipients want to get artsy at their desk or just need an all-purpose pen, here are some of our more popular custom fine-point Sharpies available for promotional use: 

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker 

Make your marketing ultra-fine with the sharpest Sharpie we could find! Perfect for penning down notes or labeling those little manilla-folder tabs, recipients will love the extra precision that comes with this promotional marker. 

Sharpie Fine Retractable Permanent Marker 

If you’ve ever lost the cap on your marker, you’ll appreciate the retractable tip on this fine-point Sharpie. Don’t worry about the tip drying out, though. This pen has you covered with Sharpie’s signature safety seal to keep the ink inside. 

Dry-Erase Markers

Dry-erase markers are an especially popular type of marker thanks to their versatility in the office, classrooms, and even organizing your own kitchen! Anytime recipients want to write and erase later, they’ll want a dry-erase marker. It’s become especially popular today in offices to write on the large glass walls and similar surfaces during meetings, making dry-erase markers great for internal giveaways. 

When looking to pair up your dry-erase markers in company giveaways, think of things they can write and rewrite on. Custom ceramic mugs for the office are a great one because you can write your name on the mug so no one uses it that day, then easily wipe it off later. Dry-erase boards and calendars are also popular to use both in the office and at home, making a great all-purpose gift when paired with your promotional markers. Here are two of our popular options that customers love: 

Brainstorm Dry Erase Marker and Eraser Set 

Give your recipients the whole package in one with two dry erase markers set into their own eraser! A convenient package perfect for the office, recipients will make this their go-to brainstorm base to dry-erase. 

Liqui-Mark® Mini Dry Erase Marker with Key Ring 

Dry-erase wherever you go with this portable mini dry eraser made to fit onto your keyring! Great for busy minds that brainstorm on the go or nurses that need to keep organized wherever they are. 

Permanent Markers

While permanent markers are a type of marker that overlaps somewhat with sharpies, they often have a very different, chisel-type tip that changes how you would use them. These are made for labeling and organizing in a big way with big letters, like with moving companies and construction. Of course, they still have their place in the office for marking large folders and boxes in storage. 

If you’re a cleaning, organizing, moving, or construction company, you definitely want to make promotional permanent markers a major handout for customers. Pair it up with similarly useful items like promotional letter openerscustomized tape measures, and Scotch tape as relevant to your industry and what message you want to send to your recipients. Here are two of our popular permanent markers to give out: 

Mini Sharp Mark Permanent Markers 

Another mini marker that is made to use on the go, customers love the convenient keychain-sized marker that writes to last. Available in many colors to easily match your logo. 

Liqui-Mark® Retrax® Retractable Permanent Marker 

You can keep your caps; customers love this retractable tip that stops accidental blots and spots! Made with special Liqui-Mark ink to help stop those pesky streaks. 

Brush Markers

Brush tip markers are a particularly artsy type of marker that gives all the creative flow of a paintbrush but without the mess of dealing with paint. No dipping, no washing brushes in the sink, and yet all of the beautiful color blending possibilities that artists love come with these custom print markers. These are generally used exclusively for some type of art and work best when given by industries that are trying to encourage creativity in their customers. 

When pairing up brush tip markers for promotional giveaways, think zen and artsy. Custom notebooks or journalscoloring books, and stress relief products all pair well with brush tip markers. Together, they promote a message of creativity and self-care that customers appreciate in any industry. Here is our popular brush tip marker set that has earned itself its own spotlight: 

Hand-Lettering Brush Marker Set 

Get all of your essential art colors in this conveniently cased brush marker set. Customers love the wide range of bright colors, flexible brush tips, and easy to clean carrying case for this creative set. 

Custom markers may seem like a straightforward giveaway product, but there are so many different types of markers that can be used to further your brand and show your customers that you are aware of their needs. If you need any help navigating them all, well, you’ve come to the right place. Use our guide to help you select the best promotional markers for your branding, or check out our site for even more options at! Whatever your promotional product needs, we’ll help you meet them. 

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