How to Stay Warm Outside at Football Stadiums This Fall

Fall and winter bring football season, outdoor sporting events, and weather that has fans responding “Brrrr!” even as the cheer team chants “Fired up, fired up!” With cold weather comes the burning (er, freezing) question of how to stay warm outside as your team brings the heat. Football games are particularly challenging when it comes to the chill factor: 

  • Hawaii Is Not an Option: Even the biggest sports game of the year has begun to select freezing cold locations for The Big Game, like East Rutherford, NJ.  
  • Real Fans Wear Blankets: If you’re a Green Bay or Buffalo fan in January, a blanket is a must, along with other supplies we’ll unpack below. 

If you’re a small business, fall and winter outdoor sporting events are a great way to win brand visibility and convert sports fans into small business fans. Give the die-hard fans in the stands ways to stay warm and you may end up with customers for life.  

Winning Ways to Stay Warm as You Cheer on Your Team 

There are a few universal truths when it comes to how to keep warm outside when it’s super-duper cold. The biggest and best? Whether it’s ice hockey’s Stanley Cup final, or touch football over winter break, the big secret to staying warm is to insulate your body from the cold like it’s a double-walled, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated tumbler. What we mean is: layers!    

  1. Wear multiple socks starting with a soft inner layer and wool outer layer. 
  1. Wear long underwear or a long-sleeve t-shirt as a base layer.  
  1. Add a sweater or sweatshirt. 
  1. Finish with a warm coat, padded windbreaker or combination of both. 
  1. Wear a beanie and a neck scarf or gator. 
  1. Wear gloves or mittens. If you plan to use a smartphone wear gloves with conductive fingertips 
  1. Create layers between yourself and whatever you’re sitting or standing on. You can do this with blankets or stadium chairs for bleacher seats and cardboard or blankets for the ground.  
  1. If it looks like snow or rain, don’t forget a poncho or rain gear. 
  1. Add hand warmers to your jackets and pants pockets. 
  1. Whether it’s a steaming hot toddy or a piping hot dirty chai, stay warm with steady sipping. 
  1. Warm up by cheering on your team! 

Keep Customers Cozy While You Promote Your Brand 

Promotional stadium accessories are great for keeping fans toasty so they can cheer their team to victory with gusto. When emotions are high memories get made, and your messaging will be part of the day from tailgate party to final down. Great reasons to give custom cold weather stadium gifts include: 

  • Recognize season ticket holders. 
  • Celebrate fan appreciation day. 
  • Welcome guests to homecoming game. 
  • Gifts for employees and customers. 
  • Get students in team spirit for group attendance at outdoor sporting events. 
  • Special event celebration like family reunion. 
  • Kick off a youth sports season and encourage family attendance at games. 

Promote your brand in the stand with fun, functional fan-worthy products, all customized with your school, charity, or small business name. 

Best Promotional Gifts to Stay Warm at Football Games 

Show them how to keep warm outside while showcasing your brand at every game with these custom game-day gifts: 

Robust Stainless Steel Thermos – 24 oz: Though larger stadiums may not allow outside drinkware, we’re sure your customers will appreciate cozying up with a custom thermos as they cheer on their kids at local games and tournaments.  

Fleece Stadium Blanket: Keep a few extras on hand, because these are perfect for wet bleachers, cold shoulders, and damp ground. Give one or many, we’re sure your customers will find use for every cozy corner of a personalized blanket.  

Gildan® Ultra Cotton® Long Sleeve T-Shirt-Colors: When it’s cold outside layering is a must. Start them off with a long-sleeve cotton t-shirt and add your logo. As the weather warms up or the after-party starts, your name stands out. 

Yowie® Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear: This head and neck scarf provides just the coverage super fans need to keep the face area warm enough to cheer on their team.  

KOOZIE® Two-Tone Beanie: This custom beanie’s double-layered with a soft fleece inside, so sports fans become your fans as their heads stay warmed up and itch-free.   

Touch Screen Gloves In Pouch: The big game may be no time to text, but fact of the matter is, there are photos to take, friends to inform, and social media to update. Don’t let your customers risk frostbite to get that selfie. These branded gloves have touch screen-friendly fingers tips and come and are priced right for generous distribution among all your target customers.   

NAUTICA® Unisex Windward Pullover Anorak: Make sure their outer layer has your name on it when you give this high-end custom jacket.  

Custom Running-Length Sport Style Socks: Did someone say layers? This applies to footwear as well. Start off your sports fans with this knee length cotton sock for a comfortable base, and they can add wool or other socks on top for layer upon layer of insulation against the cold concrete of stadium stands.  

How to Stay Warm Outside and Keep Your Brand Smoking Hot 

This fall and winter season, help your customers get the most out of every outdoor sporting event: Give gifts that encourage hot drinks and lots of layering—while your name’s visible from head to hand to toe. Go, Fight, Win!  

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