Wellness Gift Ideas for Employees & More

Whether your employees are working at home, in an office, restaurant, retail space, or on the front lines of healthcare delivery, health and wellness are priority one. These wellness gift ideas for employees, customers, and students are designed to show them that their health is on your mind. Encourage a commitment to self-care among team members and more with these thoughtful health and wellness gifts personalized with your message, perfect for the New Year or just because.

Top Employee Wellness Gift Ideas

Hand Sanitizers

Antimicrobial Pens

Face Masks

  • Adjustable 3-Layer Cooling Face Mask: Of all our wellness gift ideas for employees, we’d say this personalized face mask takes the cake. Ice cream cake, that is. What we mean is, this quick-absorbing, quick-drying, three-layer wonder helps your team members stay comfortable when a mask’s in order.


Wellness Accessories

  • UV Phone Sanitizer & Wireless Charger: On the clock or off, this employee wellness gift idea reminds your team their health comes first with every sanitizing charge! This handy charging device includes a sanitizing function that kills approximately 99% of germs from your smartphone.

Wellness Gift Ideas for R&R and Mental Health

Encourage team members to put their feet up and smell the roses with one of these personalized gifts that has pampering in mind.

Browse our full selection of health & wellness gifts and other custom health products and pick a few that will help share your message of self-care with employees. For more wellness gift ideas for employees, customers, and more, check out our blog post, Health & Wellness Swag & Giveaway Ideas: Protect, De-Stress & Provide Daily Care.

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