3 Best Cookie Gift Sets for National Cookie Day

It’s National Cookie Day! How are you celebrating? A parade of chocolate chip cookies routed directly into your mouth? Slam dunking mini cookie bites into a glass of milk? Whether you cherish this holiday as its own special day, or use it as your reminder to get delicious cookie gift sets in time for that other holiday in December, we think it’s important to spotlight the unsung hero of desserts: cookies!

Why Do Cookies Make Great Gifts?

The thing with cookies is, there’s something for everyone. There are cookies for chocolate lovers, pecan fans, granola fanatics; for the casual dessert goer to the upscale dessert gifter. Dressed up in a fancy tin or wrapped in a box with a bow, cookies become a favorite custom holiday gift that’s perfect for clients, employees, and everyone in between.

Best Custom Cookie Gifts for the Holidays

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can spread the joy of cookies with these personalized cookie day ideas:

Custom Cookie Gifts for the Whole Office

You know what puts everyone in a good mood? Cookies! Get your whole office a box of treats. The Cookies & Crumbs Gift Set has an assortment of crowd-pleasing treats. Plus, this cookie gift set comes with a cookie-themed box design that features your logo or company name laser engraved on a metal plate. To impress hungry clients and employees, this is the box to surprise them with on National Cookie Day.

The Perfect Way to Say ‘Thank You’

You say ‘thank you’ and they’ll say ‘yum’! These cookie boxes have a ‘thank you’ scribed in several languages on the sides of the box, along with your company’s personalized imprint decorating the bow. Send your gratitude (with an extra side of deliciousness) to clients and business partners this holiday season.

A Gift That Lasts Beyond the Final Crumb

Cookies are great…as long as you have the right drink to enjoy them with. A cup of coffee is the perfect way to wash down these treats, so why not gift both? This Coffee & Cookie Gift Set includes coffee grounds, chocolate covered cookies, and a coffee mug customized with your brand art.

Whether you give cookie gift sets for the holidays, for National Cookie Day, or because you just like to sw your appreciation to those around you in delectable ways, you can’t go wrong with any of these sweet gestures.

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