Why Advertising on Clear Bags for Stadiums Is a Game Changer

Sporting events and concerts are back in full swing and so are packed stadiums and stadium bag policies. Stadium-approved clear bags allow ticket holders to enter any arena with confidence. Below we answer common questions about stadium bags and how you can use them to draw a crowd to your small business at any large event.  

What Are Stadium Bags?

A stadium bag is a transparent bag. As far as specific characteristics and requirements of a stadium-approved clear bag, the NFL’s All Clear Bag Policy1 is the most common policy (though each arena can have their own): 

  • Stadium bags are the only type of bag that can be brought into the arena (see last bullet for important addition).
  • The stadium bag must be made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC, and the contents inside cannot be obscured by bag buckles or accessories.
  • The material must be clear (see-through); it cannot be tinted.
  • The bag cannot exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12”.
  • Each family member (adults and kids count) can bring one stadium bag or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (think Ziploc®) into the stadium.
  • If your stadium bag is customized, the logo or text can only be imprinted on one side.
  • Along with a stadium-approved clear bag, the policy permits a small clutch bag, which cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″. This allows for cash, medication, and other personal supplies to remain private.
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When Did Stadiums Start Requiring Clear Bags?

The requirement for clear bags for stadium events was started by the NFL back in 2015. Other organizations followed suit, including sports leagues like hockey and golf; college teams and the NCAA; plus music concerts and other arena- and stadium-events. 

Why Do Stadiums Require Clear Bags?

Clear bags for stadium events allow security personnel to check bags more efficiently and accurately. This means you get into your event more quickly and everyone is safer inside.   

Why Customize Stadium Bags?

When you add your messaging to a clear stadium bag you gain brand exposure among thousands of event attendees. Attendees are part of a shared community of sports fans or concert goers. Excitement is high and attention is strong. This is a great environment for sharing your message. Your custom bag can include a tie-in to a sports team or performer, connecting fan enthusiasm for a great team or band directly to your small business.  

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

What Businesses Should Be Advertising on Stadium Bags?

Customized stadium-approved clear bags make great branding vehicles for many purposes and businesses: 

  • Stick Together with Stadium Bags: Give team outings added spirit and help larger groups stay together with personalized stadium bags personalized with your logo along with your event name or special occasion. Great for tours, students, and employees.
  • Point of Sale: Be the hero outside the arena who offers stadium compliant bags to those in need at the last minute. Your clear bag offering could be a gift with purchase, a complimentary giveaway, or a profit-driven transaction. However you distribute them, your name is advertised among thousands inside the event.
  • Sport Season Kick-Off: Include a custom stadium bag as part of a customer gift bag celebrating the start of a season or a new chapter. Include a beach towel, baseball cap, and stadium bag as a summer gift basket. Offer new college students a stadium bag for football games along with a gator scarf, and a seat cushion.
  • Broad Demo, Captive Audience: If your target demographic includes attendees of sporting events or large concerts, promotional stadium bags are a smart investment.

What Types of Stadium Bags Can I Customize?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of what qualifies as a stadium-approved clear bag by curating a few NFL-compliant options we think you and your customers will love:   

Clear Tote with Zipper: Made of PVC material and featuring two long straps, this tote is a comfortable accessory for your arena event. 


Good Value® Clear Game Tote Bag: Featuring an open main compartment and color-matched trim and handles, this bag is a snap to load.


Rally Clear Backpack: Delivering hands-free convenience, this clear backpack features a large zippered main compartment, zippered front pocket with gusset, a carry handle, and padded shoulder straps. Note that this bag measures 960 inches, exceeding NFL’s All Clear Bag policy (max 864 inches) by 100 inches.   

Clear Game Drawstring Backpack: Affordable enough for generous distribution, this NFL-compliant backpack is perfect for concerts and sporting events, and promises to leave hands free for clapping, eating, drinking, and photos!  

Tip: When you customize your stadium bag be sure to imprint the logo on one side only, per NFL policy.  

Are Small Clutch Bags Allowed in Stadiums?

Per NFL bag policy: Yes! Complete your promotional stadium gift by including a small clutch as well (4.5″ x 6.5″ max). You can put this inside your clear stadium bag or distribute it separately. These clutches are great for smaller personal items: 

  • Zippered Coin Pouch: Stylish two-tone polyester pouch measures 4.5″ W x 3″ H. It’s just the right size for change and bills, plus the split ring inside keeps a key handy.

A Few Fun Facts to Go with That Stadium Bag

  • Stadium vs Arena, What’s the Difference? A stadium can have an open or a closed roof; arenas are always enclosed. Football is usually played in a stadium, basketball in an arena.
  • Rain Rules? Umbrellas are banned at most large stadiums and arenas. They obstruct the view of other attendees and can cause harm in close quarters.
  • First Stadium? Most Famous?
    • Opened in 1923, Yankee Stadium was the first structure to be called a stadium, and it remains the world’s most famous stadium.
    • Built in 1895, Franklin Field is the oldest stadium built in the USA that is still in operation for football. Located at University of Pennsylvania, in 1922 Franklin Field was the location of the first football game broadcast on radio.

Clearly, Custom Clear Bags for Stadium Events Are a Branding Big Winner

Get ready for big smiles and big fans of your brand when you distribute custom stadium bags at your next event. Your customers will appreciate being worry-free as they enjoy the game or show, thanks to your small business. Enjoy getting your brand in the middle of events where memories are made. 


  1. https://www.nfl.com/legal/clear-bag-policy#:~:text=Bags%20that%20are%20clear%20plastic,literally%20must%20be%20all%20clear
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