Why Bamboo Promotional Products Are So Popular (and Not Just With Pandas!)

Bamboo products are more popular than ever, so when it’s time to refresh your promotional merchandise supply, bamboo promotional products probably catch your eye. But some bamboo promotional items are better than others. We figure, if you’re considering bamboo, why not browse your options with all the facts? Below we plant the seeds for how to pick the perfect bamboo product for your branding!  

What Is Bamboo?

Although we refer to it as a tree, bamboo is actually a giant, woody grass. Bamboo grows chiefly in the tropics. It has a hollow, jointed stem which is often used to make products like furniture, utensils, cutting boards, tote bags, tumblers, coasters, pen barrels, and much more, including bamboo promotional products.  

What Makes Bamboo a Good Choice for Earthy Types?

When you choose a bamboo promotional item for your next event or campaign, you can feel good about this good-looking material. Bamboo boasts an aesthetically pleasing look and feel, including unique grain patterns and shading. In addition, bamboo has myriad benefits compared to common material options such as plastic:  

  • Carbon Sequestration: every hectare (about 2.5 acres) of bamboo that is planted in the world is able to absorb 50 tons of CO2 every year. That’s three times more than timber.1
  • Land Regeneration: Bamboo can hold large amounts of water, and release it to the surrounding vegetation. This gives bamboo the critical ability to help the land recover from deforestation and degradation.
  • Supports Rural Communities: The sustainable management of a bamboo clump or bamboo bushes will guarantee a livelihood and an income for generations, enabling a community to thrive and creating a sustainable economic system for years to come.
  • Grows Quickly: Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. One bamboo plant consists of several poles that are referred to as a clump. The tree can be harvested every three to five years due to the high speed at which the plants grow.2
  • Light and Strong: Though bamboo is very lightweight, it is also incredibly sturdy.
  • Fewer Resources Required: Bamboo requires less water and fewer nutrients to grow than other natural materials such as cotton or wood.
  • Renewable: Unlike other timber trees, bamboo is unique in that harvesting bamboo does not kill the ‘tree’ (in reality, bamboo is not a tree at all, it is more accurately referred to as a grass or a plant). Bamboo can be harvested repeatedly without cutting down the tree itself. 2

Why Are Bamboo Promotional Items a Good Choice for My Brand?

When you choose promotional merchandise that has a natural look or feel, your customers associate your brand or small business with, among other things, a respect for nature and a concern for responsible, sustainable, or ethical practices.  

What Kind of Bamboo Promotional Products Are Best?

When looking to add your logo or ad message to a bamboo product, choose an item that your customers will use daily. This gives you more exposure to your customer and the people they see daily, like friends, family, and coworkers. Popular choices included drinkware, writing instruments, tech accessories, and kitchenware. Here are a few swap options to get your bamboo brainstorm going: 

Swap Full Color White Metal Arlington Pen for Eco-Friendly Bamboo Arlington Pen: This appealing pen features a smooth bamboo barrel and trendy gunmetal trim. Your logo is laser engraved for a natural look and a long-lasting imprint.  

Swap Magnetic Bottle Opener with Bag Clip for Magnetic Bamboo Bottle Opener: Whether you’re opening a bottle of cola, kombucha, or a cold beer, when your bottle opener’s trimmed in bamboo, any beverage tastes better. 

Swap 20 oz. Evelyn Glass Tumbler for 20 oz. Poppi Glass Tumbler with Bamboo Lid: Made of glass, trimmed in bamboo, and with a reusable straw, this tumbler says natural!  

Swap Light Up Logo Bluetooth Speaker for Bamboo Wireless Light Up Speaker: Add soft light, some tunes, and natural bamboo to any room with this light up speaker, laser engraved with your logo. Where tech and nature meet, your logo’s on display. 

Swap Cutting Board for Large Bamboo Cutting Board: Slicing bread, dicing veggies, or carving a slice of meat, a bamboo cutting board adds a natural look and feel to any meal.  

Enjoy Better Branding with Bamboo Promotional Products

Unlike the panda, which relies upon lovely (and delicious) bamboo as their only food source, we in the promotional marketing space have myriad options. But bamboo is one you can always count on! And though your recipients most likely won’t eat it, they can feel extra good about using it as they advertise your business.

Explore all our bamboo products to find the best giveaway for your event: 

  • Bamboo drinkware for new employees, customers, and donors
  • Bamboo pens and sets for star employees and special events
  • Bamboo tech accessories for students, travel, and trade shows


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