Why Personalized Canvas Tote Bags Are Your Best Bet for Branding

Why Use Personalized Canvas Bags for Branding Your Business? 

Tote bags travel everywhere and turn your customers into brand ambassadors at the store, beach, picnic, pool, work, school, and more. When you choose custom canvas tote bags you show customer appreciation while keeping your name top of mind all year long. What’s more, canvas material connotes classic durability and timeless appeal. Associate your brand with long-term reliability when your promotional printed tote bag is canvas. 

What Is Canvas Material for Bags Made of?    

The defining features of canvas are 1. a plain weave (as opposed to the twill weave you’ll find in, say, a pair of jeans), and 2. thicker threads. The material used for all types of bulk canvas bags—whether large or small size, thick or thin material, plain style or with added features like zippers and extra compartments–is usually cotton. But canvas, including the kind used in promotional canvas shopping bags, can also be made of hemp, linen (from the flax plant), synthetic fabrics like polyester, or a combination of these. For instance, some canvas that’s intended for outdoor use is made of cotton that’s combined with synthetic materials to make it water-resistant or even waterproof. The strongest cotton canvas is called duck cotton canvas, and is used for heavy-duty applications like tarps, tents and boat sails. All canvas, regardless of the material or weight, imparts a natural vibe that never goes out of style. 

What Type of Canvas Bag Should I Customize? 

There’s a personalized canvas tote bag to suit every occasion and price point. Below, we break down the most popular styles, from all purpose to boat specific, from extra rugged to budget friendly.  

Everyday Canvas Tote: For bookstores, reading clubs, craft circles and farmers markets, the Natural Canvas Book Bag delivers natural style at an affordable price.  

Canvas Boat Tote: The Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote features heavy duty, 24-ounce canvas, an outside pocket, and 30″ carrying handles. The Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote comes with a zipper top so items stay safely inside when water’s rough and totes are tossed and tipped. 

Promotional Canvas Cinch Sack: Perfect for sleepovers, overnight camp, days on the water or picnics in the park, the Heavy Canvas Cotton Boat Tote makes a strong impression and does not disappoint!  

Customized, Extra Earthy Canvas Tote: Combine two natural fabrics in one stylish bag with the 12 oz. Canvas/Cork Shopper Tote, which is made of a sturdy cotton upper and a cork bottom.

Check out our full selection of custom canvas tote bags to find the best match for your branding.  

How Do I Clean Promotional Canvas Shopping Bags?      

You’ll find that personalized canvas bags tend to be sturdy. They’re usually made of woven cotton that’s especially heavy, thick, and durable. But because cotton is prone to shrinking, it’s best to spot clean your    custom canvas tote bags and let them air dry. This will also extend the life and vivid coloring of your logo, slogan, or other messaging. If your bag has been to the beach or campground and really needs a deep cleaning, you may be wondering how to wash canvas bags in the washing machine. The best approach is a cold-water wash on the gentle or delicate cycle, followed by air drying.   

How Should I Personalize My Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bags?  

For tips on how to make your small business stand out on promotional canvas shopping bags, check out our blog, Create Your Own Full Color Custom Tote Bags, which covers canvas tote bags as well as drawstring bags, beach totes, conference totes, and includes tips on maximizing the visibility of your messaging.  

Whichever Custom Canvas Tote Bag you choose, you’re sure to show your customer you care with a handy giveaway they’ll hold on to for years to come. 

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