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Why Small Business Thank You Cards Are a Big Deal

Did someone say small business thank you cards? But we’re all so busy. Who’s even got a stamp? And also, what’s cursive again? Why write thank you notes, you ask? We have answers that’ll make putting pen to paper an exercise in R&R—and revenue! 

Why Should I Send Thank You Cards to Clients?

When you make writing thank you cards for your business part of your business strategy, you set yourself up for increased customer retention, referrals, and satisfaction. Here’s why:  

  • Shows Clients You Care: Make sure they know they matter! Customers appreciate knowing you genuinely enjoyed a transaction or interaction with them. A thank you note is a great way to call out and reinforce something of value in your business relationship—maybe a laugh you shared, common ground discovered regarding family or kids, or a challenging project you collaborated on together.
  • Offers a Personal Touch: A thank you note reminds your customers that you’re a small business and you appreciate their supporting you. One of the key reasons customers buy from you is because they value small businesses and want to see them thrive. When you send a thank you note you are reinforcing the value they place on supporting operations just like yours where personal attention is at a premium.
  • Reminds You What’s Important: Writing a thank you card serves as a built-in opportunity for you to reflect on what makes a good customer, a good transaction, or a good resolution to a client problem. Often we want our business model to include quiet reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Writing thank you cards helps get us in that mindset—even if we’re dashing them off over lunch and popping them in the mail on the way home.

When Should I Send a ‘Thank You for Doing Business with Us’ Card?

The importance of thank you cards is to reinforce a positive experience or turn a less than perfect transaction into a win. Popular occasions to send small business thank you cards include: 

  • Event: Send a thank you note to attendees. Mention a goal achieved, industry advanced, or connections made thanks to their attendance.
  • Donation: Thank donors at all levels for their involvement. If they’re a smaller donor, stress the importance that every donation makes in getting noticed and exacting change.
  • Major Purchase: Let the homeowner or new car buyer know you enjoyed working with them and are here for them as questions arise (this is sure to set you apart from the competition, which may plan to run before the ink dries on the loan documents).
  • Client Anniversary: Long-term customers cost less and spend more.1 Take a few moments to recognize the value of your biggest fans with a thank you card at the one-year, five-year, or 10-year mark.
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What Should I Write in My Thank You Card?

Feeling tongue-tied or brain-fried when it comes to writing a thank you card? Good news! Many ‘thank you for your business’ cards allow you to choose among several popular categories, or you can craft your own.

Popular Pre-Printed Thank You Card Sentiments

Our thank you cards often allow you to choose among supporting salutations such as these:

  • With Great Appreciation
  • With Sincere Thanks and Warm Wishes
  • It Was Our Pleasure to Serve You
  • Thank You for Your Referral

Customer-Specific Verbiage

For customer-specific challenges, consider sentiments such as these: 

  • Problem Not Yet Resolved: Thank you for working with us. We apologize for the trouble with your order and thank you for bearing with us as we work to make things right. Enclosed is a [gift card or coupon] that we hope will show our commitment to retaining your business and earning back your trust. Sincerely, [signature]
  • Problem Solved: Thank you for being our customer. We apologize for the recent issues with your [order/service] and trust that the issue was resolved to your satisfaction. We hope the enclosed [gift card or coupon] will further assure you of the value we place on retaining you as our customer. Sincerely, [signature]

Which Small Business Thank You Cards Are Best for My Brand?

Choose custom thank you cards for business purposes that help you express your gratitude and speak to your brand aesthetic. We recommend a thank you card style that will work for a broad audience. The following cards allow you to pick your sentiment and come with envelopes so all you need to do is sign and send. 

 5″x7″ Multilingual Thank You Greeting Card 

Geometric Thank You Card 

Appreciate Your Business Greeting Card 

Should I Include a Gift with My ‘Thank You for Doing Business with Us’ Card?

For many occasions, a signed thank you card is all that’s necessary to show you care. Other times, including a small gift or coupon along with your card is a great way to underscore your thanks and keep your name top of mind long after the card’s been read. For added impact, include a personalized and mail-friendly item such as a pen, calendar, or magnet. We like these: 

Design Wrap Envelope-Size Magnetic Calendar: Choose the ‘Business Builder/Thanks’ template when you customize and let this envelope-sized magnet (envelopes not included) tell them thank you every time they check the date. 

Design Wrap Deluxe Colorama Pen: Choose the ‘thank you’ template when you customize and let this pen do the talking!  

Full Color Colorama Pen with Thank You Gift Bag: This customized click-top pen will remind them of your appreciation long after your thank you card has been read.  

Thank Yourself for Sending Thank You Cards

Running your own business is a non-stop endeavor. Some days it’s a labor of love and some days it’s an endless slog. Some days—the best days—it’s a joy to call your own shots, pick your own clients, and enjoy business relationships that sometimes last for decades. On those days, pull out a few small business thank you cards and spend a moment acknowledging the customers who make it worthwhile. 


Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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