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Cheap Custom Pens & Logo Promotional Pens at Low Prices

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Don't Break the Bank: Promote with Cheap Custom Pens!

You're not cheap, but you have a budget. So what's a business to do? There are two options: get a small amount of expensive pens, or a bulk load of cheap pens. When you get cheap custom pens from us, you don't have to substitute quality for quantity. Which means, you don't have to be stingy with your pens! Pass out these giveaways knowing that it didn't cost you much to get a lot.

How Can Cheap Pens Help My Business?

From pharmacies to auto shops, restaurants to dental offices, cheap pens are a key tool in marketing your business, whatever it may be. Spread the word about your business by handing cheap personalized pens out at vendor fairs, events, business meetings, or at your workplace. A bowl full of cheap promotional pens on the front desk of your company is a bowl full of potential. These pens will not only help current customers remember your business, but it will also introduce potential clients to your brand.

Low-Priced Personalized Pens You'll Only Find at National Pen

These cheap promotional pens are made exclusively by us so you get the best deals.

Value Stick Pen – As Low as $0.23 Each

With a slim barrel, tons of artwork that you can add for free, and an extra budget-friendly price point, it's been a favorite for years.

Colorama Pen Family – As Low as $0.25 Each

Our original Colorama Pen was so popular, we had to add more versions! The Colorama Extreme Pen has a white barrel so your imprint pops and plenty of trim colors to match your branding. Or maybe you want a barrel that sparkles? The Colorama Sparkler Pen was made for you.

The Frosted Colorama Pen has frosted white trim, which lets your design and imprint sing. Fun for spring and summer promotions or for brands looking to make a splash, the Neon Colorama Pen brings the bold. And we couldn't forget the Translucent Bright Colorama Pen, which combines a bright barrel and frosted trim. And with all Colorama Pens, they come with our exclusive and easy-writing SmoothWrite™ Ink.

Allure Pen – As Low as $0.73 Each – Plus Get Some Free!

What a stunner! The Allure Pen has a sleek black barrel and neon details (including your imprint!)—although it’s a cheap personalized pen, it definitely does not look or feel like it.

Vortex Pen – As Low as $0.39 Each

A cool contoured barrel and bright colors ensure that your branding will get noticed.

Colorstick Pen – As Low as $0.49 Each – Plus Get Some Free!

All eyes are on this bright and happy pen with its fun designs. Look at all those great reviews, too! The Translucent Colorstick Pen is another option with a see-through barrel.

Black Superball Pen – As Low as $0.18 Each

When you need straightforward cheap pens to advertise your business, grab the Black Superball Pen. If you need more color in your promos, try the Translucent Superball Pen.

Trust Our Expertise in Customizing Pens with Your Name or Logo

Did you know that we set up our machines by hand for every single order we receive? We take that extra time and care so your order comes out perfectly. Sure, they might be cheap custom pens, but we don't skimp on the customer service. We'll personalize your pens with your name, contact info, logo, or any other information that will help you to stand out with clients. We even create full color art designs that you choose as the background to your branding.

Trust Our Quality Guarantee

Even when the pens are affordable, ordering personalized pens in bulk can be intimidating. What if something goes wrong and it's not what you wanted? We understand that businesses are trusting us with their marketing and reputation. That's why we put a guarantee on that trust. If you're not satisfied with your order, simply return the unused portion and we'll replace the full order or provide a refund up to one year after the ship date.

We can't wait to see which cheap pens with logo you choose!