Power Banks

When all else fails a promotional powerbank is there to keep your devices working

Stay Powered Up

A Power Bank is a small portable electronic device which stores power which can then be used to charge various electronic devices for example phones and tablets.

Keep Your Mobile Charged

We've nearly all experienced it - your phone runs out of charge and you don't have access to an electrical socket, whether you're in transit or you experience an unexpected power outage. A Power Bank can come to rescue allowing you to power up your device to make or receive those important calls. Having a Power Bank as an emergency bank up can literally be a life saver!

Highly Portable

Due to their relative small size Power Banks are highly portable which make them ideal when travelling.

Capacity Options

National Pen provide a wide range of Power Banks in different styles and shapes which can be personalised to your requirements. We also offer Power Banks in a range of capacities from 2000Mah to 12000Mah.

Affordable Promotion

Power Banks are not expensive, in fact they are very reasonably priced considering what they can do. Obviously the price increases with increased capacity.

Customised power banks are a great way to promote your product or brand. In the digital world we live in today our many devices consume power and nothing more so than our mobile devices like phones and tablets. As these devices become more complex they need more powerful batteries which need regular recharging.

With our branded power bank charger in hand when you are out and about you will never lose contact with your clients (and vice versa).