USB Hubs

Boost your brand awareness and improve customer loyalty with our range of handy, practical USB hubs. Branded USB devices provide charging on the go to keep your promotions powerful. Our range multiple-port devices make life easier, with plenty of room to showcase your brand.

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2 of 2 items

Branded USB Hubs

Connect with customers on your next advertising campaign with a range of useful promotional USB hubs from National Pen. Portable USB hubs provide on-the-go connection and charging to make life easier. Browse our wide range of personalised products today.

Share your charging power with the whole team. Or give your clients a handy gift to take back to their office. However you choose to use these helpful devices, be sure that your business name is firmly printed in full view for unlimited promotional possibilities.

Custom USB hubs for every brand

Each time you hand out a custom USB hub to a potential customer, you’ll amplify your brand awareness. With multiple slots and uses, there’s no end to the promotional power of a USB hub. You can even pair this gift with a preloaded USB flash drive. Save all your key brand information onto the hard drive for a corporate gift with a difference.

Equip your offices with charging power as well as marketing genius with the 3-in-1 charging cable. This powerful portable charging station has six ports for charging multiple devices at the same time. It’s perfect for busy offices and meetings to keep distractions low and productivity high. Never worry about your marketing campaign running low on power again with this handy device.

Power up your promotions

Heading away on an upcoming business trip? Running low on juice will be the last of your worries with the powerful Travel Plug. With four USB ports, this device is all you need to keep all your smartphones and tablets fully charged to tackle big meetings. All stored in a convenient pouch, the four plug types included within this plug are ideal for use around the world.

Or, choose something a little more fun and eye-catching with the Yoga 4-port flexible USB Hub. Plug in the hub on the middle of the meeting table and everyone around the room can make the most of its powerful charging capabilities. Even better, with your brand name proudly embossed on the front, there’s no doubt that your business name will be remembered.

Keep your promotional power high with National Pen’s wide range of handy USB hubs. Use at work, at home or on-the-go. Simply plug the hub into the power supply and up to six people can charge their devices using just the one hub. Take a look at our extensive collection of styles and designs today.