Branded keyrings are a long-lasting, cost-effective way to promote your business. Improve customer loyalty with your business details and logo on their keys every single day. Browse our wide range of multi-function keyrings, from bottle openers to torches, in a vast array of colours and styles to suit your brand.

Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Business keyrings are the perfect way to effortlessly promote your brand around the clock. They are customisable, convenient and cost-effective.

Most importantly, promotional keyrings can keep your business at the forefront of somebody’s mind for weeks, months and even years after an initial meeting or purchase. They are an effective promotional strategy with long lasting results.

Personalised photo keyrings as gifts

Who doesn’t love a freebie? With branded keyrings and key fobs, your business can reward customers and potential clients with a free, personalised gift. In short, they are a great way to deliver a long-lasting first impression of your brand. But that’s not all.

Promotional keyrings are also the key to their pockets – in more ways than one. Once they are attached to your customers’ keys, they serve as a constant reminder of your business, everywhere they go, every day. Naturally, over time, this could lead to more enquiries, improved brand loyalty and a better bottom line.

Multi-function keyrings

Multi-function printed keyrings offer even more benefits. Whether it’s engraved bottle opener, torch or trolley coin holder, keyrings can come with all kinds of useful tools. From metal USB keyrings and luggage tags to pocket knives, ice scrapers and even corporate teddy bear keyrings – there is so much to choose from with National Pen. Opting for a keyring that doubles up as a handy tool is a sure-fire to make sure they are popular at your next event and regularly used afterwards.

As well as carrying your branded keyring around with them, they’ll be getting it out to use it whenever they go shopping or fancy a beer. Needless to say, that’s even more exposure for your brand – both to the customer and the people around them. Carabiner keyrings even make it easy to clip keys to bags, belts or printed lanyards – so everyone can see your brand.

A wide range of personalised keyrings

At National Pen, there are countless ways to personalise keyrings. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and keyring tools.

What’s your business colour? A strong blue, bold red or vibrant yellow? Whatever it is, it’s an important part of your brand. With National Pen, you can choose from a spectrum of full colour keyrings to find the right look for your business. Personalise your keyring with business details – such as the name, business logo and slogan. Or add a personalised photo to create your own memorable photo keyring.

Branded keyrings for events

They are the perfect promotional product for a variety of events. Visiting a trade show? Give visitors a personalised gift by stocking your stand with attractive personalised keyrings. Add on your business name, number and email address so they know exactly how to get in touch for a follow-up enquiry. It’s like a business card that they won’t discard.

Business keyrings can also work as free, promotional merchandise both in-store and online. Send customers a keyring with their online purchase, as a fun prize for a competition or keep your store stocked up with personalised keyrings to hand out to visitors and customers. They’ll soon be visiting your site or store again, with a constant reminder of their purchase attached to their keys.

With National Pen, the sky is the limit for promotional keyrings. For great prices, fast delivery and satisfaction guaranteed, browse our wide range of multi-function branded keyrings today.