Multitool Keyrings

Browse screwdrivers, LED lights, measuring tapes and much more. National Pen’s range of promotional multi-tool keyrings has the perfect personalised product for everyone. Make a statement and give your customers the ideal giveaway gift with our practical keyrings.

Promotional Multi-Tool Keyrings - Branded Gifts

Give your customers a gift that just keeps on giving with our range of personalised multi tool keyrings. Stand out from the crowd at trade shows. Make an impact at business meetings. And give potential customers a reminder of your practical and fun company image.

Screw drivers, pen-knives, LED lights, spirit levels and so much more. Our multi-tool keyrings offer a number of practical and useful functions for everyone. From tyre gauges for motoring companies to trolley coin keyrings for supermarkets and stores, our range of styles and designs is ideal for those looking to up their marketing game.

Customisable multi-functional tools

Our branded multi-tool keyrings do much more than just keep your keys together. With various functions and uses, you can rest assured that this personalised gift will be used by an unlimited number of people for years to come. An ice scraper keyring, for instance, will find a permanent spot in cars, pockets and handbags, ready to use as soon as the frost starts to show.

Whenever a customer or employee is in need of a screwdriver, torch or even a measuring tape, your brand name is going to be the first thing they see on their handy tool. Keep your business at the forefront of their minds with a reminder of the positive associations of your company. Opt for the Clip It carabiner & bottle opener and make sure your brand name is constantly attached to the bags and keyrings of customers and employees.

Tapes, torches & tools

Stock up on Habana 1m Measuring Tape keychains for your construction or manufacturing business. They’re perfect to hand out at your next trade show or event. The slide-locking button keeps the metre tape in place, easily retractable for any measuring need. Similarly, the mini multi bit screwdriver has three easy-to-use screwdriver heads, conveniently on hand whenever you need.

Want to make life easier for your customers? The LED flash light and trolley coin keychain can be used for every weekly shop. With clear branding, it will serve as a constant reminder of your company to all those who use it. Or, take your promotions one step further with the useful, 5-function pocket knife, complete with a tin opener and corkscrew. Simply add to your keys and find yourself never in need again.

Boost your brand awareness and increase customer loyalty with convenient, practical & affordable multi-tool keyrings from National Pen. Save time and money and enjoy the benefits of increased sales by ordering enough multi-tool keyrings for every potential customer at the next trade show.