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Promotional Power Banks - Custom Power Banks with Logo

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Cupertino Powerbank Wall Charger (TEC-11767)
25 for $27.54 ea
25 for $688.50
Phase 3000 mAh Wireless Power Bank (TEC-12116)
25 for $16.58 ea
25 for $414.50
Claremont Powerbank Portfolio (TEC-11736)
50 for $46.49 ea
50 for $2,324.50
UL Listed Mega-Charge Power Bank (TEC-11520)
50 for $17.80 ea
50 for $890.00
Power Mate UL Listed 2200 mAh Power Bank (TEC-11533)
25 for $9.11 ea
25 for $227.75
UL Listed Round Charger with Wrist Strap (TEC-11521)
100 for $9.41 ea
100 for $941.00
Zoom® Energy Rally 6,000 mAh Power Bank (TEC-11794)
6 for $34.98 ea
6 for $209.88
UL Listed 2-In-1 Zeus Power Bank with Card Holder (TEC-12179)
50 for $16.68 ea
50 for $834.00
UL Listed Portable Charger (TEC-11509)
50 for $9.91 ea
50 for $495.50
3-in-1 Power Bank - 2500 mAh (TEC-12128)
50 for $11.55 ea
50 for $577.50
Circuit 4,000 mAh Power Bank (TEC-11803)
12 for $19.77 ea
12 for $237.24
Emergency Key Ring Power Bank (TEC-11773)
50 for $11.48 ea
50 for $574.00
of 4

As you look around it is almost impossible to avoid making eye contact with a portable electronic device, mobile phone, or music player. We use our cell phones as PDAs, alarm clocks, navigation units, and portable offices, while tablets have single-handedly disrupted the entire notebook computer business. Understanding that so many of your customers and high-value prospects use their mobile devices on a daily basis, you'll want to tap into the need for portable, on the go power to help market your business and enhance visibility of your organization. As the biggest fear of any mobile device user is complete depletion of battery-power, provide peace of mind and a sense of calm to your clients and prospects by providing them with one of our promotional power banks with your logo. They'll appreciate the thoughtful gift, while you'll feel energized at the idea that you are effectively driving better awareness of your business.

To help you grow your business, we stock a wide variety of promotional power banks that vary in terms of price, features, and appearance. For low cost, high-volume marketing activities, order a batch of our power banks that provide plenty of capacity to recharge a mobile device or tablet. Or, for a more targeted marketing approach, invest in a quantity of top-quality aluminum power banks - or those that contain additional features like speakers, phone stands, or flashlights. Most of these units recharge using a simple USB cord, and they then charge up mobile devices using the phone, tablet, or music player's existing power cord. All it takes is one instance when your custom power bank saves a client from losing battery power completely and they'll never forget your business's name.

To create your customized order of promotional power banks, start by choosing a variety of units that will cover all of your marketing bases. You can include some value priced units for higher volume marketing activities, and then choose an assortment of power banks to help you target key clients and top-tier prospects. For each individual item, you can designate several lines of customized text that will help you to deliver your compelling marketing message. This can be a simple slogan, marketing statement, seasonal advertisement, your business contact information, your logo, or anything that you feel would help to powerfully promote your business. Then, choose an order quantity that will help support your present and future marketing needs, and you will be done! Once we receive your completed request we will get to work quickly and prepare your batch of custom power banks for shipping in a matter of days.

As always, you can shop with confidence at National Pen. We offer a 100% quality guarantee that protects your investment for a full year from the date of purchase. And, you will enjoy factory direct pricing and an incredibly broad selection of value-oriented, top-quality promotional gifts. We are confident that you will absolutely love your personalized order of promotional power banks - after all, your image is our business!