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Personalized & Custom Golf Pencils

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Promotional Bulk Golf Pencils

These days, personalized golf pencils are good for far more than fudging your score on the links. A growing number of business owners are discovering that these simple yet elegant tools can form the cornerstone of a powerful marketing or branding campaign.

Thanks to their small size and endless utility, customized golf pencils can be included in virtually any trade show giveaway or corporate event grab bag. They're even useful at customer-focused marketing events that use guerrilla tactics. If your business markets primarily to end-users or runs a storefront, promotional golf pencils can also serve as a powerful inducer during customer appreciation events.

To maximize their impact, you'll want to customize every aspect of your online golf pencils order. Fortunately, this is easy to do: You can choose from among 500 solid colors and an endless combination of text imprints to give your pencils the exact visual impact that you desire. From a simple address and phone number line to a cheeky slogan or corporate logo, your golf pencils can say or do just about anything you want and show off your company logo in style.

Once you part with your promotional golf pencils, you won't have to worry about them splitting, breaking, or losing their ability to write. These high-quality devices are built with durability and utility in mind. Since they're shorter than typical pencils, they're less prone to lateral splitting. Their short yet effective writing tips are perfect for making notes on paper or shading in drafts, and their solid graphite cylinders enable them to write on vertical and even upside-down surfaces.

As if its painfully simple utility weren't enough, your bulk golf pencils order might be one of the best promotional investments that you ever make. In fact, it's rare to find a value like this in a warehouse store. If you're looking for simple hexagonal bulk golf pencils with erasers, you'll need to pay just 4 cents per item on orders of up to 28,800. Even round golf pencils start at just 5 cents apiece. What's more, you won't even have to pay a setup fee to acquire these affordable items.

Don't place your order without reviewing all of your customization options. Once you're satisfied with the way your personalized golf pencils look, place your order and wait for your business-boosting shipment to arrive.