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Custom Gel Pens

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts
Making a mark is easy when you promote with the bold ink that people love.
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Why Promotional Gel Pens?

Gel? Ballpoint? Does it matter? Well, yeah. You’d be surprised how many people are picky about their pens. You may even be surprised how particular you are about your pens. Do you have a favorite that you reach for? Can you rely on it for a smooth, consistent flow of bold ink? That’s what people love about custom gel pens.

There’s no scratching to get the ink flowing. No tracing over faint lines to define the ink. With personalized gel pens, your clients will enjoy the ideal experience with their pens the first time, every time. These are the fast favorites they’ll hold onto. And that means when you put your branding on promotional gel pens, clients will continue to see it for years to come.

Promoting with Personalized Gel Pens

You don’t want to make a faint impression with your branding. You want a bold promotion that lasts. That’s what you get when you promote your brand with custom gel pens. No matter what design you go with on the outside—from vibrant designs like the Bright Newport Gel Pen to classic designs like the Soft Touch Cozy Gel Pen—the smooth writing gel ink interior is sure to satisfy everyone.

Once you've personalized your products, you'll be able to use them in a nearly endless variety of ways. Many businesses include promotional gel pens in the gift bags that they give to prospective vendors and customers at trade shows, conventions and corporate events. You can even use your bulk gel pens to market to walk-in customers by simply offering a steady supply of pens at your counter. At a price that’s often less expensive than most standard ink pens, custom gel ink pens are a great way to show your customer appreciation.

One-Year Quality Guarantee

Not what you pictured? If for any reason you’re not happy with your custom gel pens, we’ll work to bring your vision to life. Simply send back the unused pens you’re not satisfied with, or opt for a refund up to one year after the ship date.

We can’t wait to create your custom gel pens!