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School Promo Items Checklist

We’re here to help you nail that back-to-school promo items checklist, whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or team coach. From pens and pencils to bags and drinkware, we’ll make sure your school logo promotional items are on budget and delivered on time!

#1 School Logo Promotional Items: Pens & Pencils

Not surprising that number one on our school promo items checklist are pens and pencils. There’s so much to love about writing instruments when it comes to marketing your school or sports team.

First off, there’s a pen or a pencil for any budget. Inexpensive promotional pens and pencils are ideal for recruiting, conferences, and stocking the supply closet. If you’re commemorating a special occasion, event, or anniversary, then why not go for a heftier, more substantial pen?

There are also school promotional items of the pen and pencil variety for every occasion. Want to welcome new staff to the team? A custom pen in a gift box is always a thoughtful gesture. Looking to stock the front office with logo pens? You’ll want something inexpensive that you don’t mind people taking (and hey, that means your school’s info gets around!).

#2 School Promotional Items: Bags

Another must-have on the back-to-school promotional items checklist is bags. Bags go hand-in-hand with schools, since there are always books, papers, and supplies to lug around campus.

Custom backpacks are ideal to sell in campus stores, especially targeted to new students who are excited to rep their school logo or mascot.

Tote bags are school promo item all-stars when it comes to orientation gifts. Students will have plenty of papers to stuff in there and will be appreciative of the useful giveaway.

#3 Promotional School Spirit Items: Pennants & Blankets

Get your spirit fingers ready, guys—it’s time to show your school pride! Our checklist of back-to-school promo items wouldn’t be complete without some fun ideas to get the crowd riled up at games.

Custom pennants are a classic promotional school spirit item that can be used again and again. Give them out at games and they’ll most likely live another life as wall décor!

Personalized blankets are a nice touch as the weather starts to turn. We love the idea of giving away these as part of a school spirit contest.

Whichever school logo promotional items you choose, we can’t wait to make sure your school looks its best!