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Promotional Stick-Up Sticker Calendars: 2020 Business Calendars

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Promotional Sticky Calendars for Business Advertising

Promotional stick-up calendars are the perfect choice for your next marketing gift giveaway. It's important to find a product your recipient will use throughout the year rather than only one time. The success of any promotional item can be defined by its usefulness and how often your recipient references it and sees your business information.

Each time your recipient needs to check the date or plan, he or she will be able to conveniently look to your customized calendar. In fact, these promotional items are so handy you may even have customers asking for more than one. Not only will your brand awareness grow with your recipients, but also with those who see your calendar in their homes, offices, or vehicles.

With their handy adhesive backing, these calendars can be easily placed anywhere. Wherever your customers choose to put them up, you can be assured they will be subtly reminded of your company throughout the year.

Our affordable promotional stick-up calendars are highly cost effective, particularly considering they will help to promote your organization or business year-round. You can easily distribute them to associates at your next corporate event, pass them out to prospects at trade shows, or give them out as customer appreciation gifts.

At such a low price per item, these personalized stick-up calendars can help you to meet your marketing goals without destroying your advertising budget.

Shop Promotional Stick-Up Calendars

Choose from a variety of different promotional sticky calendars to find the perfect fit for your business image. Ideal for industries ranging from banking to transportation, these promotional calendars will ensure you stay at the forefront of your customers' mind.

The phone-shaped stick calendar has been a popular item for years. Since they're self-adhesive, they're simple to put up anywhere. The phone also subliminally alerts those who see your logo to call your business. The 13-month calendar pad ensures all eyes will be on your business information throughout the whole year.

If you want a lasting way to show appreciation for your customers, consider ordering the thank you stick calendars to hand out as gifts. Have a stack by your register where customers can take one to go or send them in the mail as a thank you note for their loyalty throughout the year. The smallest acknowledgements sometimes make the biggest difference. Let your customers know how much you value them.

Customize your promotional stick-up calendars by choosing different colors, shapes, and designs. Add your contact information and logo so your business becomes familiar in people's minds. By using calendars as part of your advertising strategy, you won't have to worry about stretching your budget too thin. National Pen offers high value products at affordable prices to help your businesses grow.