Pen Brands You Need to Know and Finding the Best Pen Brands for You

Wondering what the best pen brands are? Below we break down some of the most famous pen brands, from affordable classics to luxury heirlooms. Before we begin, keep in mind that the top pen brands aren’t necessarily the most expensive. The best pens are the ones that do the job you need at the price you want. If you’re diary writing by the pool, leave the Waterman® at home. If you’re signing an important document, this is not the time for a leaky, low-budget stick pen. The pen brand you pick should suit your budget, your taste and your preferences for pen tip size, ink type and functionality. When you’re looking to add your company name or special event to the barrel, it’s even more important to make the right choice.

For a branded pen you can count on, check out these top pen brands:

Enjoy our guide to the best pen brands for every pen preference, from top-tier taste to stationery-cupboard practicality. You will find click-top and cap pens. You can choose a fine point or a wide tip. Write with hybrid gel or classic ballpoint ink. The top pen brands are at your fingertips.

BIC® Style Pen Brand: A Bestseller Across the Globe

BIC® Pen History:

The famous and ubiquitous BIC® pen is a timeless, reliable, affordable pen suitable for everything from taking notes in school to signing documents at the bank. Made in France and introduced in 1950, the bestselling BIC® is the most recognisable pen in the world. The BIC® pen brand offers various styles and ink types, including gel ink and rollerball, but the brand’s ballpoint offerings remain the most popular. BIC®’s proprietary ballpoint ink delivers a smooth, fluid ink flow.

Noteworthy pens:

BIC® Style: This classic cap pen is always a winner and offers plenty of space for your logo on the barrel.

BIC® 4 Colours Ballpoint Pen: A must-have pen for school, home and work, this multi-ink pen brings back childhood memories and makes notetaking easy at every age.

BIC® Grip Roller: This BIC® rollerball cap pen features quick-drying ink that left-handed writers will love. Bright barrel colours make your logo stand out.

See popular BIC® pens available for customisation.

Parker® Pen Brand: Distinguished and Dependable

Parker® Pen History:

Founded in 1888 in Wisconsin, the Parker® Pen Company manufactures luxury pens. Parker® is famous for the Parker® 51, the most widely used fountain pen model, which was used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Parker® Pen brand is focused on a higher quality and price point, and key offerings include fountain pens, ballpoint pens and QUINK, its quick-drying ink.

Noteworthy pens:

Parker® IM Ballpoint Pen with Blue Ink: Professional and reliable, this ballpoint pen is perfect for special occasions, top employees and lifetime customers.

Parker® Jotter Ballpoint Pen: Featuring patented QUINKflow ballpoint ink, this elegant pen is presented in a Parker® gift box for memorable gifting on special occasions.

Parker® IM Rollerball Pen with Black Ink: The one to choose for a lifetime of branding. This branded pen gift features the smoothest rollerball ink and the highest quality metal barrel. Your recipients will cherish this Parker® pen for years. 

See more popular Parker® pens available for customisation.

Waterman® Pens: The Best of the Best  

Waterman® Pen History:

‘It’s a Waterman®’ says it all. The words ‘luxury fountain pens’ and ‘The Waterman® Pen Company’ naturally go together. Established in New York City in 1884 by Lewis Waterman and now based in Paris, Waterman® is one of the few remaining original fountain pen companies. Waterman® pens were famous then for their patented, leakproof design. Early Waterman® pens featured 14K gold nibs, precious metal trims and elegant overlays.

Noteworthy pens:

Waterman® Expert Rollerball Pen with Black Ink: When your goal is to give a gift they will treasure for generations, this is the one.

Waterman® Allure Rollerball Pen with Black Ink: An affordable Waterman® that still radiates style and substance, this rollerball pen will impress your recipients and keep your brand in hand.

See more popular Waterman® pens available for customisation.

Sharpie® Permanent Marker Pen Brand: Tip Options for Every Job

Sharpie® Permanent Marker History

In 1964 the Sharpie® Fine Point black marker became the first pen-style permanent marker. It wrote on almost any surface including metal, glass, plastic and paper. Today, aside from permanent ink, Sharpie® markers and highlighters are known for having a tip option for every job, including fine tip (their most popular), ultra-fine point, extra-fine point, brush tip, chisel tip and retractable tip. Along with permanent markers and highlighters, the Sharpie® brand also offers gel and rollerball pens.

Noteworthy pens:

Sharpie®️ S-Gel Ballpoint Pen with Blue Ink: This modern, aesthetically pleasing and smooth-writing blue gel-ink pen is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.

Sharpie® S-Gel Ballpoint Pen: The black-ink version of the popular S-Gel style.

Sharpie® Fine Point Marker: This classic permanent marker knows no competition. Your logo stands out on the barrel and is enhanced by the Sharpie® brand.

The Perfect Pen Is the One in Their Hand

When you choose a pen brand that’s just right for what you’re writing, it’s the one you reach for first. Check out the top pen brands above, and consider your style and budget to find the perfect match. Let a proven pen brand advance your own brand when you customise your perfect pen with details of your business or special event.


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