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Gift with Purchase Ideas to Grab Attention and Increase Sales

Adding a gift with purchase is a great way to surprise and excite customers, encourage customer retention, gain brand visibility and increase average order value (AOV). Below we cover the best gift with purchase ideas and tips for various industries, price points and seasons.  

What Is a Gift with Purchase?

A giveaway with purchase or gift with purchase (GWP) is a free gift that customers receive alongside a targeted purchase including: 

  • Purchasing During a Specific Timeframe: Giving away free gifts with purchase during specific times of day or times of the year allow you keep your order numbers consistent, manage customer traffic and move inventory to keep revenue and staffing on target.
  • Purchasing Above a Particular Cost Amount or Minimum Order Quantity: Offer customers an incentive to buy more by offering a gift when they hit a target order cost amount. Doing so will help you increase your revenue with every purchase.
  • Purchasing Within a Specific Product or Category: Move seasonal or on-trend inventory with a giveaway with purchase. This adds appeal to the category and reduces the amount of excess inventory at the end of the season.

What Are the Benefits of a Giveaway with Purchase Campaign?

The best free gift with purchase ideas deliver unique advantages over other sales incentives like discounts and coupons: 

  • Maintain High-Value Brand: A key benefit of a gift with purchase is that you incentivise a sale without discounting a high-value product or brand. The best free gift with purchase will encourage a conversion while also increasing your average order value (AOV). These gifts are often promoted as exclusive or limited in supply. Think of makeup or skincare purchases where the customer receives a sample or smaller portion of a related product bundled with a certain product or collection. The customer is introduced to even more products within the brand, and completes their purchase feeling their expectations are beyond satisfied.
  • Positive Customer Experience: Everyone loves an unexpected gift. The ‘unexpected gift’ is a proven tool for customer satisfaction and retention. When the customer feels they are getting more than they expected, there is a sense of gratitude, in comparison with a discount shopping experience, where they feel they are getting something for nothing. Imagine sitting down to an elegant dinner and the waiter places a complimentary desert in front of you, as opposed to you ordering the cheapest offer on the menu. Everyone feels excited and grateful, as opposed to expecting something of lesser quality.

What Are the Best Free Gift with Purchase Products?

Below are popular gift with purchase ideas that cover different industries, price points and occasions: 

Higher-Price-Point Free Gifts with Purchase

When your products and services are worth more, your gift with purchase should offer the same level of luxury:  

410 ml Insulated Elwood Tumbler

400 ml Insulated Aurora Travel Mug 

Mia Gift Set with Rose Gold Trim & Thank You Box 

 Metal Soft Touch Molly Stylus Pen

Lenny Tote Bag 

Seasonally-Themed Free Gifts with Purchase

Support a seasonal or Christmas campaign with a giveaway with purchase to keep customers engaged and interested. 


400 ml Oregon Water Bottle with Carabiner 

Soft Touch Athos Gel Pen 


Budget Shopper RPET Tote 


325 ml Full Colour Ceramic Mug 

 30” Zeke Golf Umbrella

Rainbow Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus 


 Large Wave-Patterned Shopping Bag

 650 ml Sky Water Bottle With Handle 

Cove 685 ml Tritan™ Sport Bottle 


Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen With Stylus 


Sunglasses With UV Protection 

 Organic Cotton Terry Towel 100 x 50 cm 

 6-Pack Cooler Bag 

Metal Soft Touch Maya Stylus Tip Pen 

Industry-Specific Free Gifts with Purchase

Give them a gift that’s related to your product or service to keep your name top of mind every time they use it. 


 Pro Elite TWS earbuds 

 RFID Credit Card Protector 

Torch Pen 

Spa & Beauty: 

 Emily Lipbalm Stick

Transparent Cosmetics Pouch 

 Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus & Rose Gold Trim 

Travel and Tourism: 

Granada Hard-Case Card Holder 

 Hoss Bum Bag 

 Vancouver Extra-Large Travel Duffle Bag

 Lucina 4-Ink Pen With Stylus 

Everyday RPET Drawstring Bag 

Food and Grocery: 

 Large School Lunch Box 

Cotton Kitchen Apron 

 Vortex Stylus Pen 

Chaya RPET Tote With Pouch 

Entice Customers to Take Action with a Little Extra Love

These gift with purchase ideas are a great way to sell key merchandise when you need to and hit revenue goals without discounts. Pick promotional gifts that support your brand and your budget for maximum benefit. As you make the extra effort to give your customers more value for their money, you will see greater customer loyalty in the future. 


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