Sticky Notes

Help your customers and employees stay organised with personalised sticky notes. The perfect accompaniment to stationery giftsets and other useful, branded office merchandise. Whether you want simple yet effective designs or a bold style, the choice is yours at National Pen.

Promotional Sticky Notes

Custom printed post it notes are a simple, easy way to help your business stand out from the crowd. Simply add your logo, company name and business contact information. Not only does this improve brand visibility, but it makes a great stationery gift, whether it’s part of a set or on its own.

Branded sticky notes help professionals stay organised. To find the perfect, practical promotional product choose from our wide range of post its. Bold colours, fun custom shapes and sleek sticky note pads. There’s an item to suit every type of business.

Eye catching printed sticky notes

Sticky notes are a crucial office supply, whether you’re taking down phone call details or sending a note to your manager. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a seamless marketing campaign with other personalised stationery. Whether it’s our promotional rulers or branded desk pads. You can ensure all your supplies are in keeping with your branding for a professional business image.

Personalised post its don’t have to be boring either. Simply add your company logo and business details for a fun way to promote your business. Choose our customisable Block-Mate Range for a practical, desk friendly design. Or think outside the box with our custom shapes and novelty printed post it notes, such as the Pallet Block-Mate or the Bamboo Sticky Notebook.

Affordable promotional products

Branding and promotions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, create memorable moments with affordable branded sticky notes. Buy in bulk to get the best deal and make sure you keep your supply cupboard full, whether it’s for restocking the office or handing out at your next trade show.

At National Pen, we offer high quality promotional post it notes at low, factory-direct pricing. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service with our industry experts helping with everything from logo advice to marketing help. If you have any queries about printing options or finding your target audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Promotional sticky notes are a useful, practical gift for customers and staff members. Whether you’re restocking the office or preparing for your next corporate event, you can find custom printed post its at National Pen.