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Wrap up 2022 with $50 off personalized gifts for customers and crew.

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Ho, Ho, How About Promotional Holiday Gifts?

We’ve all been there. The holiday season is nearing and you know you need to give gifts to your clients, employees and prospects, but you just don’t know what to pick. If you ask us (you did, right?!), corporate holiday gifts are the way to go. They let the recipient know that you took the time and care to create something special for them, whether it’s a promotional pen or business calendar. But still, there are so many products out there to choose from. This is where our promotional Christmas gifts guide comes in handy.

What Are the Best Custom Gifts for the Holidays?

Promotional Holiday Pens

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, personalized holiday pens and Christmas pens are festive, affordable, and easy pen gifts to pass along. Plus, they keep your good wishes, and business name, in mind throughout 2023! Our favorites are:

Customized Holiday Cards

Holiday promotional products like custom holiday cards and Christmas cards don’t feel like you’re marketing your company, which is a smart tact to take during the season. Our favorites are:

Personalized Ornaments

Trim their tree with logo Christmas ornaments that are as beautiful as they are thoughtfully made. Our favorites are:

What Are Good Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees?

The end of the year is the perfect time to look back at your year and thank those who made it successful. This is where custom holiday gifts for employees come in.

There are two ways to go when picking out corporate Christmas gifts:

Strategy #1: Mark the holidays and express employee appreciation with something they’ll use while working. Strategy #2: Send good wishes with something they’ll use outside of work.

What Business Holiday Gifts for Clients Do You Recommend?

Where would you be without your customers? Take a moment to thank them for their business with promotional holiday gifts for clients and customers.

Customized Gift Sets

We always recommend a personalized pen gift set, whether you choose one that comes with a custom notebook, flashlight, or letter opener.

Personalized Wine Gifts

Another idea is to pair a bottle of wine with a custom bar tool or custom wine glasses that have been personalized with a “Thank You” message. What a thoughtful way to toast to a successful year.

What’s New in Holiday Gifts for 2023?

This season, we have new offerings in two trendy areas: reusable tote bags and eco-friendly gifts. These modern selections are designed to keep the warm feelings flowing this season and throughout 2023:

Personalized Tote Bags Gifts

  • Morris Tote Bag with Pocket: Key features of this attention-grabbing giveaway include generous size, gusseted bottom for increased capacity, and a pocket for extra storage. Destined for use throughout the new year? You bet!
  • Medium Galina Cotton Tote Bag: Featuring festive handle colors, stylish cotton, and plenty of room for contents, this bag’s the one they’ll take through 2023.

Customized Holiday Gifts That Are Better for the Planet

  • Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw in Carabiner: This retractable stainless steel straw comes with a straw cleaner and a silicone cuff for hot drinks! It comes in a portable keychain case so customers have a straw on hand, and your branding in mind, wherever they go.
  • 16 oz. Grande Wheat Straw Coffee Cup: This stylish, reusable travel cup is made of 51% wheat stalk which would otherwise be discarded. Your logo is on display on the your choice of natural, wheat-flecked colors.

With all these options, we hope you feel excited to personalize your holiday gifts for those who matter most! Scroll on up to our gift guide and find the best custom promotional holiday gifts that promote your brand and show your appreciation.

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