Stay Consistent!

We have, and will, say it over and over. Staying consistent is one of the most important things a business can do to maintain customer loyalty and branding. Remember the .New Coke. disaster? Consider the following:

. If It Ain.t Broke… You will likely get tired of the same message, but your customer relies on hearing it. They want to be assured over and over. And, let.s face it -they aren.t hearing the message nearly as often as you are.

. Be Flexible. Don.t try to resist change. Willingness to change is important, but do it slowly to maintain consistency. If you want to update the logo used for 15 years, hire a graphic designer to modernize it.don.t throw it out.

. Think Integrity. Being steady shows reliable.

Did you know Coke.s market share skyrocketed after they brought back their classic formula 3 months after replacing it with .New Coke?.

If things aren.t working it may be time to revamp your message, but this should be a last resort. Don.t under estimate the negative reactions that may come with a change in your company image.

Bottom line: Be Coca-Cola Classic, not New Coke.

When (if ever) do you think it.s time to change your brand image?

Image courtesy of spinch