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Promotional Plastic Bags with Logo

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Plastic Bags 9" x 14" (BAG-11111)
150 for $1.32 ea
150 for $198.00
Plastic Bags 9" x 12" (BAG-11110)
150 for $1.31 ea
150 for $196.50
Assorted Colors
Die Cut Handle Bag - 7" x 10 1/2" (BAG-11198)
150 for $1.19 ea
150 for $178.50
Olivia Bag (BAG-12229)
150 for $2.58 ea
150 for $387.00
Juno Frosted Plastic Bag - 15 x 18 (BAG-12071)
150 for $1.93 ea
150 for $289.50
Plastic Bag 12" x 15" (BAG-11112)
150 for $1.49 ea
150 for $223.50
Digital Full-Color Die Cut Bag - 9 x 13 (BAG-12211)
250 for $1.25 ea
250 for $312.50
Full Color
Non Woven Die Cut Handle Bags 10" x 14" (BAG-11113)
150 for $1.43 ea
150 for $214.50
Plastic Drawstring Bag - 16" x 18" x 4" (BAG-12226)
150 for $1.84 ea
150 for $276.00
Tulip Frosted Shopper Tote 10 x 13 (BAG-12084)
150 for $1.98 ea
150 for $297.00
Clear Plastic Tote Bags with Handles for NFL Games (BAG-12227)
150 for $1.64 ea
150 for $246.00
Hercules Frst Color Plstc Bag-Loop Handles 13"x17" (BAG-12426)
150 for $2.36 ea
150 for $354.00
of 6

Design Custom Plastic Bags & Grab Bags for Your Business

Of the many different types of promotional items you can use for giveaways, custom plastic bags are one of the most popular. Considering the amount of logo exposure these products provide, this is hardly surprising. Each day, businesses around the world provide their clients and customers with promotional plastic bags. These bags are highly portable and make it easy for your target audience to showcase your logo. Constructed of only the highest quality materials, these plastic bags for sale offer you the benefit of high-brand visibility at an affordable cost.

Once you have decided to use customized plastic bags, the next step is to choose the bag that will best serve your needs and display your message or logo. Fortunately, there is a vast selection of plastic bags online. Whether you need small or large bags, or you are searching for shopping bags, there is something available to suit your custom needs. Are you considering participating in a local Halloween event? Why not support the community while displaying your logo at the same time?

There is simply not a better way to make sure everyone sees your name than with a custom printed bag. These bags are an ideal choice for a variety of different events ranging from trade shows to corporate events. You can be sure that your name will be showcased to each person your recipient encounters. Do you need to advertise your store? A quality shopping bag imprinted with the name of your store will remind your customers of your shop and encourage repeat business in the future. Given the increased popularity of recycling, these bags can easily provide exposure for your business far into the future. When you need a promotional item that is both effective and affordable, promotional plastic bags are an excellent choice.